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Whats on your MIND! A short dive into data driven on-air marketing!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Wed, 12/04/2019 - 00:07

Yesterday I read a really great article about data driven marketing and thought about it in terms of how to break this down for what we do:
ON AIR MARKETING (of course with some nice bings and bangs, stutters, vocoders…:)

Here is 5 ideas you should think about when creating magic.
I break them down into 2 steps:


What does your data tell you about how your listeners behavior?

Why do they do that?

2. CONNECT THE DATA to actions

What’s frustrating or annoying about that? Can we name the enemy standing in the way?

How can we help?

What do we name this new reality? How do we tell people about it?

Let me know what you think? 

Cheers, Andy



Andy’s Fiver Friday #212 – Black Friday Special Edition

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 11/29/2019 - 08:00

Since it’s Black (Fiver) Friday, we collected the 5 best plugin sales and offers from all major plugin suppliers for you. We wish you happy shopping and a happy thanksgiving in case you’re from the US!


Soundtoys Black Friday sale is up until 4th of december and features 50% off the whole bundle and up top 80% of single plugins! Since these plugins are top notch, you should definitely look into these offers. 

iZotope gives you up to 60% off, including Ozone 8/9. If you already own an iZotope plugin, login to your account to check for special loyalty offers! Apart from that, you can get Ozone 8 Standard Version on Plugin Boutique for ~ 50$ which is basically a steal!

D16 Group’s Black Friday offers last until 2nd of December and give you 40% off of all plugins with the code BLACK2019 – if you’re looking for an awesome high quality bit crusher, check out Decimort2


Andy’s Fiver Friday #211 – 12 Days of UAD, the new MacBook Pro and Chris Davis latest!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 11/22/2019 - 07:50

Here we go again, it’s time for another fiver friday – check out this week’s findings! 


Super creative and awesome ad – check out the 12 Days of UAD to start of the holiday plugin season!


Apple delivers again, definitely got its price but this looks awesome for anything related to creative work!


Some sweet indie music from german band Milky Chance


Andy’s Fiver Friday #210 – Free Drum Set, How Streaming Changed Music And The Latest from Mikel Vilchez

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 11/15/2019 - 08:00

Everyone’s busy here at the office since Christmas is approaching fast, so let’s quickly get into this weeks findings! 


Can’t quite believe this is actually free, but the demo doesn’t expire and features free kits!

Steven Slate Drums 5

You can get your free download here!


Kevin Gates on Self-Improvement – solid life advice right here!


Latest from Frank Ocean, some cool mellow vibeeees… 


Quite interesting to see how streaming actually changed the way songs are structured and arranged, with songs getting shorter and shorter… 


One of the best in the game and a good friend with some new mind blowing stuff! Jake, you rock!!!! Check his latest!


Australia’s Secret Weapon Or Meet Dave Post

Benztown Imaging Blog - Wed, 11/13/2019 - 07:14
  Dave is one of Australia’s most hidden secrets, a mastermind for all imaging. He works closely with Benztown’s Matt Anderson to create the best custom imaging for stations around the globe. I met Dave a while ago when an old friend introduced me to him. Thanks Daryl ! You are a rock star, too! Now it was time for a catch up! Learn about Dave’s session setup, what plugins he loves and how many Rubik’s Cubes can be put on one speaker :)! Enter Dave!

1. Can you give me some background on yourself, your career, and your achievements?    I started in radio when i was 16. There was a radio station in town that was run by school kids, and they offered a day a month off school to go and learn about broadcasting. Of course I did it just to get the day off school, but quickly found it was what i wanted to do. I started learning audio production and imaging there. Once I’d finished school I stayed involved with the school station for a year or two before I landed my first radio gig at a commercial AC station as “cart boy”. This was back in the very early 90’s, so it was back in the days of working on tape. I spent 2 years at that station learning as much as I could off the other producers before heading to my next gig at a rock station. After 2 years there i was off to Sydney to work on the city’s number 1 breakfast show on 2DAY FM, which is where I started learning digital production. After that I moved to Brisbane for a few years to run the production department at B105. Then in 1999 I moved back to Sydney where i freelanced for a while before being asked to join the team at NOVA 969, a brand new station in Sydney, which launched in 2001. From there i moved an hour up the road from Sydney to the lovely Central Coast (where I still live) to work at STAR 104.5. After a few years I went back to a Sydney to work on WSFM’s breakfast show, and also wound up making imaging for another of the network’s stations called THE EDGE…. where i stayed for 9 years before heading back to STAR, which is where I am today!   I’ve won a few awards for stuff over the years, but it’s not what it’s about for me. I don’t even enter awards anymore. I’m just in it for the fun of creating great audio.   2. What is your favorite thing about being on Benztown’s Custom Imaging team?    Working on different formats. I never know from day to day what i’ll get to work on. It’s always fun to try out new stations and see what I can do for them. Hopefully it’s something different. I really love working on the Chuck FM format. That silly sense of humor really appeals to me, and it’s way different to anything that we do  here in Australia. The guys I’ve worked with are also a great inspiration. Matt has a unique way of imaging that I’ll happily admit to copying for the radio station here from time to time!   3. What do your days look like from beginning to end?   I wake up early, always have. So by 5am I’m up and about either working on imaging for Benztown or reading, or playing my PS4. I get my kids up for school and herd them out the door then head into the radio station. I look after commercials and imaging at STAR, so it’s fairly constant but rarely so busy that it’s unpleasant. I’m home by 5 or 6 for dinner, then either relaxing for the night or making more imaging in my home studio. In bed by 10, then up and do it all again! I work some days on weekends, but only for a few hours.    

4. What has been a project you are most proud of?

While I was making imaging for THE EDGE in Sydney I put together an image package using Dave Foxx’s (Z100) voice. He asked to hear what I’d done so I sent him some examples. It was some of my favorite imaging I’ve worked on over the years and I was really proud of it. Very rhythmic and lots of flow. I had complete creative control. Dave loved what I did and asked for mixouts so he could use bits and pieces of it on Z100 in New York. There was no payment involved, but it’s without doubt one of the most satisfying things I’ve done in radio. To get positive feedback from one of the industry greats like Dave Foxx was amazing.   

5. What DAW do you use?

I use Pro Tools at home and also in the studio. At home I work off a MacBook, using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 for an audio interface and some JBL monitors. The MacBook is handy because I can go and sit outside in the sun if I want and mix using headphones. At the radio station we have Pro Tools HD 12, so there’s a lot more grunt there if I need some extra power.     6. What are your favorite plugins?   I use all sorts of plugins for creating vocal fx. Metaflanger is a good one, as is Lo-Fi. The AIR suite of plugins are great as well. For mastering I like the Renaissance RCompressor, C4 Multiband and L2 Multimaximizer.      

7. What is your inspiration?

Many people have inspired me over the years. My good friend, Daryl Missen who I worked with at B105 years ago is still a great inspiration to me. I still remember specific promos of his from 25 years ago that I was blown away by when I heard them the first time, just so clever. Also just a great guy all round. Another mate of mine, Sam Phelps, who at a time a few years ago when commercial radio in Australia was stale and boring, was trying really cool production techniques and finding different and original ways to cut stuff together. His fresh way of thinking has been a great motivator. An old mate of mine who sadly passed away a few years ago…. Vic Davies was half of a show called Club Veg. He’s the funniest man I’ve ever met. His comedy writing and production was the best I’ve ever heard. Even now if I’m stuck for a funny punchline for a comedy sketch or jingle, I just think “what would Vic have done with this?” He’s still getting me out of jams and making me laugh. And my longest serving boss, Charlie Fox. Probably the smartest radio mind I know, and one of the greatest guys I’ve known in this industry. Completely supportive, and always willing to let me try new things. Great for a laugh and endlessly caring. There aren’t many around like him.   8. Any new tools you have discovered lately?   I found a plugin recently called Speakerphone. It mimics all kinds of telephones and speakers and stuff. It’s really fun to play with. Useful for commercial production!     9. Your favorite piece of imaging or production ever?   Of my own, I think the launch piece I wrote and produced for STAR FM when the station started up in 2004. It was a real pisstake of Australian history. Lots if fun to write, cast and produce. It’s around 20 minutes long, so one of the longer things I’ve worked on. I listen to it now and the mix is a bit rough, but it still makes me smile.   10. What has been the best advice you have received?    If you’re making a promo and it’s taking too long and just not working, and you’re getting frustrated…. the audience will probably feel the same way when they hear it, so scrap it and start again with a fresh head.   _______________________________________________________________________________________________   Check out Dave’s soundcloud for an excerpt of his work!   Benztown Imaging   EDGE 961   EDGE Image Bits    

Andy’s Fiver Friday #209 – Best Selling Artists, Cassette Plugin and the latest from Sam Wickens!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 11/08/2019 - 09:00

Another week passed, another Fiver Friday! We’re in full christmas mode here so let’s quickly get into this week’s findings: 


WavesFactory – Cassette – The latest from Waves Factory, this looks really cool and gives that vintage feel.

Worth a try for ~26$!


A dive into how The Grandmaster directs movies, great watch!


Check out the new Gang Starr Album


Andy’s Fiver Friday #208 – The Official Benztown Podcast, ShaperBox 2 Review and the latest from Nick Karkazis!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 11/01/2019 - 09:00

We got a national holiday in Germany today, which means no work


Plugin Review: CableGuys – ShaperBox 2

Benztown Imaging Blog - Wed, 10/30/2019 - 08:46

Most of you guys already know the awesome plugins by CableGuys just like PanCake, FilterShaper or ShaperBox. Recently they released ShaperBox 2, an upgrade to their arguably sickest plugin and we were fortunate enough to receive a free login and download. The plugin is already in use by David Guetta, AnonXmous (Timbaland, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj), BT, Deniz Koyu and many more. So it’s really cool to be included! Therefore we decided to write a quick review and to let you guys know what we, here at Benztown, think about their latest addition to the plugin world – Enjoy!

General Information

The ShaperBox 2, just like ShaperBox 1, combines 5 of CableGuys effect plugins into one: TimerShaper 2, VolumeShaper 6, FilterShaper Core 2, PanShaper 3 and WidthShaper 2. It comes in 32 and 64 bit version as VST and AU for PC and MAC and works on all major DAWs. The only real downside is that there’s still no AAX Version available, therefore you have to use a plugin patchbay like BlueCats Patchwork to load it up in Pro Tools. 

ShaperBox2 allows you to shape any sound the way you want, create sick musical, rhythmic effects and helps solve complex mix problems as it gives you full control over filtering, volume, panning, stereo width and even the flow of time. It’s an overall tool for sound design, beat transformation and even mixing as the possibilities are endless. To get a feeling for what’s possible we recommend checking out this video:


Interface & Workflow

Keep in mind that we’re only showing you basic functions and overall functionality, because there’s too much to explore and combine. There are many great tutorials to be found online, if you want to dig deeper.


Andy’s Fiver Friday #207 – Google’s Quantum Supremacy, iZotope Deals And Apple’s Commercial Game

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 10/25/2019 - 08:28

Let’s keep it short this for once, here are this weeks findings!:


iZotope got a big sale going right now, from Tonal Balance to Ozone 9, all prices are reduced! Check it out:

iZotope Deals


Amazing how far technology has come… Definitely mind blowing with more to come!


Real Oldschool Flavouurrrrrr…. 


You can like or dislike the Apple Watch Series, but Apple’s commercial game is insane!


Cool soundcloud page for imaging freaks, great collection of everything imaging related!


Andy’s Fiver Friday #206 – Free Compressor, Studio Desks with OUTPUT And James Stood Imaging FIRE

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 10/18/2019 - 08:15

This week was a bit on the rougher side – flu got me pretty bad starting Monday. Some more time to dig in the world of audio esoterica and share my findings with you.


This week we’re featuring the AdHD Leveling Tool, a nice free compressor that definitely gets the job done! 

Leveling Tool

Check out this video for some examples on how it sounds: 


 The 5th seasons of Peaky Blinders. This series is a manifest for a fantastic soundtrack and music supervising!


The latest music from our new trainee Philipp and his band!


Great post by our friends at Output!



Our friend and Avalanche Imaging director James Stood and his CHR station FIRE


Andy’s Fiver Friday #205 – Free Plugins, Free FX from Bryan Apple And Brad Paisley in Berlin!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 10/11/2019 - 08:29

This week went by super fast, really looking forward to the weekend! It was a really productive week though, let’s bring it home with this week’s findings:  


Trevor Parsons sent me this, simply register at Plugin Alliance for 6 free plugins! Great tip!

Register here!


Let’s get back to more reading guys! Here’s a video on why you should definitely give your books another shot!


Thanks for rocking Berlin, Brad Paisley – great guy! I feel country is really getting a thing. Fun to create the imaging for it!



Great coverage about what’s happening in the US right now – impeachment ahead?


Free podcast production elements from my man Bryan!


Imaging Ireland, green beer and how you get more effective by being a young dad ? Meet Nick Karkazis!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Tue, 10/08/2019 - 07:18

Round 2 with my boy Nick. It has been a while and I am thrilled to reconnect. Nick’s skill set has even evolved since he has been on last time and it is super interesting to see how his approach has changed, what his new role at Spin is and what his son and being a young dad has to do with this. Also learn why leaving at 6pm creates better creative results. Enter Nick!

  1. What are your latest findings and new discoveries in Imaging Life?

The biggest thing I’ve implemented in my imaging life in the past 12 months is what I call, “sectional mastering” (I’m sure there’s a proper name for it and I’m sure this isn’t new to a lot of people). Basically I have a chain of busses that are the final place for each section in my session. So for example, a VO master, an FX master, a music master, etc. Then once I play with these, each of them are sent to an overall finalizer where I mix everything together and then finally to the Master. It sounds complicated and probably over the top but it’s made my work flow so much faster and helped me manage levels within my session better as well as giving me better cut through of everything in my sessions.

  1. How does being a young dad change your work schedule and work life balance ?

Work/life balance is more important for me, now than ever! I want to spend time with my boy each night so it’s important that I make sure I leave work every day at 6pm no matter what. The way I look at it now is, that work will still be there tomorrow and I’ll probably have a clearer head anyway. I was always that guy staying back late to finish whatever I was working on and I often never wanted to disrupt the flow I was in. What I’ve found however, is the distance or break is often good for me for perspective and creativity. I’ve regularly walked out thinking about a piece I was working on and by the time I come back to it in the morning, I have a refined vision and maybe a better creative direction to take it. Most importantly though, knowing that I have to leave every day at 6pm makes me more motivated during my work day to get stuff done. When there’s no pressure to leave, I find I can procrastinate and I end up getting less done.

  1. What has been your latest sources of inspiration?

Soundcloud! Man, I can’t get enough of it! I follow a bunch of imaging pages that repost imaging from around the world. I also follow specific people and companies. I love hearing how other people are tackling the same things I am or what creative angles producers are putting on the same old promos etc. It’s just great to get inspired.

  1. Some new imaging pieces, favourite stuff the last months… Let’s hear it and tell us a bit about it?

We’re running our Beat The Bomb campaign across the station this month and I had to make a package with: Teasers, Pre Promos, Promos, Bombs, etc. I love creating cross station promos as I like finding a theme and creating that recall through out the campaign. My aim with this package was to make it as dramatic/theatrical/movie trailer-esk as possible.

Listen here: 

One of my fave things to do is promos for our breakfast show. I love taking a moment from the show and just bringing it to life through sound design, music and effects. I’m fortunate that our brekky show is two fellas who are just hilarious and know how to have fun OnAir. I try to make that translate into promos each day and across the day to push people to listen.

Taken a listen to some of those promos here:

  1. Your favourite plug ins right now?

I’m a mad man for the Soundtoys bundle. Echoboy is great, I also regularly reach for Pan Man & Tremolator. As well as those, Lo-Fi, Metaflanger & Pitch ‘n’ Time are ones I reach for all the time lately. I also love Vocal Synth 2 for vocal texturing with and without tuning VO’s.

  1. What would your dream studio look like?

My opinion on studios has changed so much in the last few years. I’m also the Assistant Program Director of Spin1038 so my role is quite diverse and I need to be approachable by all staff in the station as well as interact with everyone easily. So I don’t sit in a studio anymore. I sit at a pretty dope set up in the office and work on headphones. I have access to a studio if I want to hear things on speakers for mastering etc. Having said that, there are so many amazing looking studios out there. I’m a gadget guy. So the more bits and pieces the better. And cool lights! Haha! I’ve attached a pic of my set up.


  1. The best advice you ever gotten professionally?

You don’t have to use every trick in the book on everything you produce. Less is more and clarity of message is king! I knew of this early on but would struggle to implement it as I just loved doing as much as I could.


Fiver Friday #204 – Vocal Doubler for Free, Writing HORROR Music and what’s going on with OS CATALINA!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 10/04/2019 - 08:26

This week went fast, but it is not over yet. Happy to share this weeks findings and inspirations with you! Love you !


iZotope’s Vocal Doubler is free to download right now! Go and get it!


Make sure to read first, before installing. Thanks to David Taylor for posting this on the imaging group.

macOS Catalina will be incompatible with much of your music software; here’s what to know


Still one of my most favorite albums ever!!!!


As Halloween is around the corner….interesting feature on writing music for Horror Movies.


Really loved that piece this week from our boy Ketch!


Imaging Canada, Voicing the world and EAT HEALTHY (so happy after almost 10 years some one said this in this interviews) – Meet Jordana Klein!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Wed, 10/02/2019 - 06:00

I met Jordana on last years iron imager contest. I was so impressed from her writing, production and VO that I had to get in touch and learn more. A few months later we got Jordana on team benz as part of our VO roster and I am thrilled to have her work along the fantastic Ashley Bard as a VO on our CLIQUE library. Recently Jordana and I caught up and she was so nice to get in the nitty griddy with me about her career path, production techniques and she shares fantastic advice and insight on what makes her skills stand out so much! Enter Jordana.

1.) Jordana, can you give me a bit of background on yourself, your career, achievements?

I’m a Toronto-based freelance producer and voice talent with over a decade of experience shaping the sound of some of the biggest radio properties in North America, including a number of years serving as station voice and producing imaging for one of the top CHR stations in Canada, Toronto’s 99.9 Virgin Radio, also providing national voiceovers to the cluster of Virgin Radio stations across the country.

My radio journey began early. I was that kid who would routinely call and bug the announcers at the local radio stations, trying to get on the air to announce a song and trying to learn as much as I could about what they do.

I learned the ropes and ran my own show in high school radio on a CRTC-licensed station with a small wattage and big dreams. Some great teachers and industry professionals helped mould me and give me a template for what to expect in the “real world”, growing my skill-set and teaching me what it’s like to run a professional show, operate the console and receive constructive feedback via regular airchecks. It was fun and it was fuelled by a pure love of the medium and the camaraderie of the student radio community. I landed an internship after university with the first commercially-licensed radio station to serve the LGBTQ2 community, 103.9 PROUD FM, assisting the Commercial and Imaging Producer because there was a need in the department, and discovered my knack for producing radio imaging and later assumed that role, then took on a five-year stint with Canada’s leading CHR station, 99.9 Virgin Radio. I currently freelance from my home studio, and I like to call myself a producer’s best kept secret weapon, as I do a lot of ghost-production projects for other producers. It allows me to take on and cherry-pick projects as I see fit and create the schedule I want while I focus on growing my voice-over brand.

2.) How is it to work for some of the biggest radio brands in the world? How do the tasks differ between stations / brands? What are the stylistic approaches and how difficult is it to change hats? 

Being able to support some of the top brands in North America is definitely a career highlight, a culmination of seasoning and a testament of true capability, perseverance and fortitude. It’s an honour and a humbling experience and it’s an incredible responsibility, too. The pressure is definitely there but it’s exciting doing things that are high-level and with a big reach. The budgets for contests is bigger, the promotional opportunities and station concerts and events are bigger and you’ll probably have an easier time getting access to stuff like custom artist liners and the best tools, DAWs and services to innovate. The tasks may differ from station to station depending on the target audience but I try to stand back as far as possible as a producer, to simply make the pieces come together in a way that’s palatable to the audience without being distracting or cluttered, focusing on seamless editing, smooth transitions and clarity of message. In CHR or Rhythmic CHR, stylistically, a producer may have some leeway to edit in a way that’s a bit more “notice me” with quick switch-ups, tight beat edits and stutter edits. I find that I can have some fun with those stylistic choices in moderation and can get away with a more production-obvious and “tweaked” or “mashed up” sound, but, in general, my goal is to stick to brevity, clarity and a more flow-oriented style, and I try to stick to the basics of getting the message across with a less-is-more approach, whether that’s for a CHR, an Alternative Rock or a Hot AC. I don’t know if it’s particularly difficult to change hats when working in different music formats as I personally welcome the opportunity. It’s like a little “palette cleanser” to keep things fresh and interesting. New Rock can sometimes be a bit more personality-focused and edgier and the writing may reflect a more irreverent tone or a theatre-of-the-mind type of production style in certain situations but generally the building blocks and principles for production are the same – the tools are the same and sometimes the production packages and services you’re working with aren’t that distinct from one another, especially from one Hot AC to another CHR. Focus on the message and let the music do the talking. Make the transitions smooth and let the Foo Fighters hooks do the work; let the Ed Sheeran hook sell the concert promo. The mantra I follow is: Don’t clutter it with too much effected noise and let the music do the heavy lifting.

 3.) What do your days look like? Is there a blueprint? A routine?

Sitting in my corporate full-time seat, there was definitely more structure to the schedule and specific tasks to expect on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, like new music adds on a certain day of the week and daily and weekly promos recorded with the announcers, an A-level promotion involving a few produced pieces and maybe a B or C promo to run concurrently, etc. These days, I mainly take on production tasks on a per project basis, working with other producers to assist with their workloads and production services, serving as a sort of contracted middleman, so no two days are necessarily the same, but when I work closely with a producer for a long enough period and contribute a number of projects for their stations or clusters of stations, there can be somewhat of an idea of what will be requested or needed through the week. A producer may ask me, for example, if I’d like to do three promos each for station X and station Y, provide me with a deadline, and I’ll either accept or decline the work. Some producers are looking for a more committed weekly set up. Others come on an as needed or more casual basis. I enjoy the flexibility that ghost-producing provides. I’ll always prioritize whatever is needed the soonest, especially if something is requested ASAP and underlined and bolded and italicized. Otherwise, if I have four promos to work on and two or three days to get it to the producer, I can structure my day or week out however I want so long as I make the deadline.

4.) What is your “baby”? Most fun project?

My favourite projects involve being able to stretch myself vocally and musically to add to the flow and musicality of pieces. (Side note: Thank goodness for AutoTune.) I also love Halloween imaging and when there is some theatre-of-the-mind and some quick skits incorporated into scripts. I enjoy playing those campy and fun witch and demon characters as a voice talent just as much as I enjoy producing those pieces and using some more obvious vocal processing and effects. There’s a time and place to go nuts with the effects and Halloween-themed imaging truly is it.

I really enjoy finding creative ways to incorporate a little whimsy into promos or pieces and the challenge of being limited to only the tools I have to make straight up music or artist focused promos “pop” as a final gatekeeper when or if the writing is kind of bland. I love when a script has some creative writing finesse and approaches from a unique perspective but sometimes, some promos can start to feel a little uninspired and pedestrian if they’re being written and approached from the same template and it’s another “play two song hooks, pepper in a few excited listener drops in between, wrap it up and get out in 35 seconds.” I believe there are times you can use vocal processing and sound effects to play with perspective in promos and take an unexpected angle. For example, when I’ve got a promo to produce to win a trip to see Drake… and all I’ve got are the same artist drops he recorded that one time back in 2009. Instead of approaching it straight up and having him say: “This is Drake. See me live,” ramping into his song hook, I can play around with the audio and change the context through vocal processing and sound effects. I can add some filtering and some airplane sounds and a turbulence-warning “ding!” effect and use that same artist liner but suddenly I’ve added a few small creative details, and I’ve turned Drake into Captain Drake, ostensibly flying the audience to his show. I don’t even need to stop down the promo for very long to find those small moments to add whimsy and creativity. Instead of trying to make everything sound big and effected and delayed and reverbed, it’s kind of nice to do something like this to add something to an otherwise straight-up or quick piece of imaging, and I really enjoy that challenge.

5.) Doing VO and imaging – which do you prefer and why?

I enjoy a healthy combination of voicing and producing radio imaging. It’s fun to stretch creatively and tap into a character or a vibe while voicing in the booth but there’s something uniquely satisfying about hearing everything all start to come together in the studio as a producer and then finally fully wrapped with a bow (and a compressor / limiter) on top. I’ve never gotten “chills” from voicing something in the booth like I have producing and hearing a final piece of imaging come together just right.

6.) What DAW do you use?

I use Reaper by Cockos on a PC. I trained with it initially but had to transition to using ProTools and a MAC exclusively for much of my time in corporate radio. ProTools has a great time-stretch algorithm and all that but I love the ease and flexibility and quicker ways of doing things with fewer clicks I achieved with Reaper. I always loved Reaper and, like a bad boyfriend I couldn’t “quit”, I ended up crawling back to it without hesitation.

7.) What are your favorite plugins?

My platinum Waves bundle and some Reaper stock plugins have been able to get me everywhere I’ve needed to go. I’m not a huge gear-head but I do enjoy the L1 on vocals and the L3 on the master and I also enjoy using SuperTap to create tempo-matched delays. I’ll sometimes add some texture to a vocal by dirtying it up with a GTR Amp or using a pitch-shifter like the UltraPitch. I’ve been having fun messing around with the Morphoder plugin lately and adding that to vocals, creating more musical, sinuous key-matched edits.

8.) What are new learnings? Ideas you work on? Inspirations?

There’s so much accessible content today that there’s no shortage of tools and resources to improve your skills and find inspiration from others’ work. SoundCloud is great to follow and listen to all kinds of radio station imaging in different formats from talented producers and different production services across the globe. There are a number of industry podcasts as well, like Ryan Drean’s The Producers Podcast – a great resource for learning and inspiration that features anyone who’s anyone in the business. Aside from that, in general, I highly recommend reaching out to a station or finding the producer’s contact if there’s something you hear on the radio or online that stood out to you and you have a question about how an effect was achieved, etc. Most producers don’t bite and actually respond favourably to the compliment and may offer up some tips and advice! It never hurts to at least try reaching out.

9.) Any tools you’ve discovered lately?

I really enjoy sung jingles and fusing that into imaging pieces to support brand messaging. I’ve been enjoying playing with AutoTune and vocoder effects on vocals.

This isn’t so much a tool I’ve discovered as a shift in mindset: I’ve been making a conscious effort to try to “unlearn” things and to not get too caught up in the technical tools. It’s not just the tools; it’s how you use them. Don’t let them be a crutch. For the first few years in radio production, I struggled to find my own style and naturally emulated my mentors’ styles and approaches. My work from then sounds really different to me when I listen to it now, like it wasn’t even produced by me. I figured out the things that I like and don’t like and feel I have my own personal rulebook for certain things that I do. What matters most to me is clarity of message and flow with a touch of whimsy. I prefer a more back to basics, less-is-more approach and to resist the temptation to use every kind of vocal processing or effects just because they’re available to me. It’s not that I never do a stutter edit or add a fun effect. It’s that I don’t want all my pieces to be so filled with them that they become a distraction and you completely miss the message. It’s about moderation.

I’ve been enjoying challenging myself to try using the fewest effects and processing necessary to achieve the best result, focusing on creating seamless transitions and overall flow with a natural beginning, middle and conclusion. A lot of the edits I like to make are tiny adjustments for smoothness that would likely be taken for granted or unnoticed by the audience. The goal is for the producer’s “hand” to be minimal and understated and create pieces that feel like they simply gel together naturally.

Sometimes it’s best to step back, reassess and delineate – instead of going in with the approach of “What can I add?” try seeking instead to reduce and simplify. Ask yourself questions like: “Is this effect necessary? Can I shorten this hook? Does this vocal processing help punctuate what I want it to? Is this phrase or part redundant?” and “Does the piece still sound cohesive and make sense if I remove this part?” Resist the urge to keep something in a piece just because you spent time building it out. Sound conversational and keep the piece tight with forward momentum and the result will be more impactful.

Another helpful tip would be to consider producing out of order or backwards in certain situations, like in artist-focused promos. It can help encourage better stylistic choices. Sometimes when you start producing linearly, without really “planning your route”, and just kind of seeing where you end up and hoping to make a hook fit when you cross that bridge, you’ll find it just doesn’t really work, even though the VO stops there or the script requests a hook right there. It’s harder to “undo” or revise that initial work you started to include something else that might work better, such as a different piece of the music that ramps better into the song hook. It might be tempting to force an edit that doesn’t fit by throwing in a loud effect or a cymbal crash on the beat but it might feel disjointed and jarring. If you “plan your route” and lay out the parts in the middle first, sliding the VO just where you want it, perhaps just before the hook lyrics hit, I find it can be easier to then work backwards from the middle. The piece will feel more thoughtfully constructed and smooth and sound less “mashed” together.

10.) Your favorite piece of imaging / production ever?

From another producer? Gosh, I don’t know, I’ve heard a lot of cool stuff through the years. I love John Frost’s weird little skits. There’s a great one I can think of where System of a Down orders takeout at the drive-thru. Eric Chase has made some amazing work and has such a distinctive style.

I can’t say I have one favorite piece ever that I’ve personally created, but the ones that have stood out to me are the artist-focused promos that really capture a feeling or energy by perfectly marrying the music with the core message and branding, using artist drops, playing with song lyrics and rearranging song parts for maximum impact. My favourite pieces to work on in general are the ones that involve my favourite music and artists. I enjoy producing for CHR because I like listening to CHR. I know not everyone loves the music format they produce for and it’s probably beneficial to at least be able to tolerate hearing a lot of the same Ariana Grande, Halsey or Jonas Brothers songs when in CHR, especially if you’re going to be working with and editing the parts to the same songs over and over on a continuous basis. It’s actually thanks to my job that I started becoming exposed to the growing K pop phenomenon in North America, which has since become a full-on love affair for me and has spurred a deeper interest in the Korean / “Hallyu” wave and K culture in general. Who knew producing for radio could lead to such unexpected deeper interests and explorations for me? (Side note to any PDs who may be reading this: If you ever have any extra tickets to throw my way to see BTS, Monsta X, BlackPink or NCT 127 at one of your station festivals, I’ll happily accept… #noshame #doitforthefreebies)

11.) What career advice would you give to your younger self?

1.) Diversify your skill-set and be willing to learn about as much as you can in different areas of the business – you might not ever make yourself completely indispensible to a company but you’ll certainly tick off more boxes to hiring managers, qualify to fill more roles and have more fruitful opportunities down the road.

2.) Get more sleep. Eat healthier. Don’t stress over the small stuff. Break tasks down into manageable bits. Breathe. Have fun and live in the present. Prioritize your health and well-being first.

3.) Everyone may have advice but you don’t have to take everyone’s advice. Be gracious and open and listen to feedback but always trust your gut, believe in yourself and do the best you can do while staying true to yourself.

4.) Don’t spend your paycheque all in one place. Manage your money wisely and always have savings. Nothing is guaranteed and there’s so much flux, so many new personnel, new leaders, new ways of doing things, corporate buyouts, format flips, etc. What you have today you may not have tomorrow. Be grateful for the experience, be gracious and be humble.

5.) Get out of the studio before you’re in there too long. Remember to live life outside those padded walls. If you want to produce for the demo, it helps to relate to the demo. Get outside, go see all the latest movies, go out and socialize with friends, attend concerts, do a little travel. Make more experiences. Then you’ll produce better promos.



Fiver Friday #203 – ShaperBox2, The Irishman And The Best Radio Imaging

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 09/27/2019 - 08:41

BOOM, it’s Friday again! Days are getting colder, work is getting hotter, as Halloween and Christmas are just around the corner. Here are this week’s findings: 


Cableguys have released a new plugin, ShaperBox 2, containing all-new versions of five Cableguys effects:

TimeShaper 2, VolumeShaper 6, FilterShaper Core 2, PanShaper 3 and WidthShaper 2.

The plugin is already in use by David Guetta, AnonXmous (Timbaland, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj), BT, Deniz Koyu and of course by us! It’s awesome!

Check out the official video here:

For more information check out their online presence!

Hopefully it inspires you as much as us – enjoy!


Mini Documentary on KSHMR, definitely worth a watch!


Modern Sound with that Oldschool Flavour, Dope!


Official Trailer for The Irishman – Scorsese and DeNiro, this will be AWESOME!


Great compilation of the latest in imaging! Check out the Benztown Clique composite


Imaging KROQ, getting mentored by David Jay and why to have Forrest Martin on Speed Dial? Enter Will Morgan!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Thu, 09/26/2019 - 07:06

I got introduced to Will recently by my partner Dave and got really impressed by his career path. Will worked for many of the biggest radio brands in LA, California and the rest of the country. He has a lot of mutual friends, inspirations and mentors, such as the legendary David Jay at KBIG and of course as everyone, who loves gear: Forrest Martin on speed dial :)..Thanks for taking the time Will. Enjoy!

1. Can you give me a bit of background on yourself, your achievements and different roles during your career? 

Started off with being a phone jockey at the age of 18 at WAPE in Jacksonville, got bit by the radio bug. I begged to be put on the air so they gave me a part time slot. I think they just felt sorry for me. Then ended up at crosstown competitor WPLA Planet Radio. Got thrown into the imaging department imaging 5 stations (If we only knew back then). I voiced and produced the alternative station, this was a pivotal time in the Alternative arena, where rock was becoming  more mainstream. I moved to Atlanta in hopes of getting a job. I did get one how however, it was doing radio research..I was dying to get on the air . Never got on the air, came back to Jacksonville at WPLA, then it all “just happened”. I started doing imaging and voicing the station. I had no clue what I was doing, but I learned quickly producing and voicing Planet Radio. Then people started talking about me as the next one to look out for, but being humble, I thought nah, me? Say what? So I started sending my resume and demos out. Then BAM!I was getting calls from Q101 in Chicago, offers in Cincinnati, Houston, etc. Something told me to wait and I’m glad I did. I got a call from Kevin Weatherly at The World Famous KROQ. He said, sit tight kid, we have something for you. I was fa-reaking out. They were acquiring alternative LIVE 105 in San Francisco and wanted me to write, voice and produce the station.  After 3 years there, they promoted me to one of the most coveted positions on the planet. Legendary KROQ. They said, “We want you for the job, your replacing John Frost.” It was crazy and very exciting and sometimes stressful. Eventually I was working alongside other big names (like my radio GOD since I was 17), Steve Kingston who left Z100 to start up WXRK K-ROCK IN NY! And worked with other people whom I had so much respect for as well. Michael Martin, Brian Bridgman, Howard Stern and other great talents like Kevin & Bean, The Woody Show, Adam Corolla, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and other great producers such as Nick Daley and Eric Chase. The list goes on. My role never changed at any of these positions  but working with such talented people helped make me grow not only as a voice over but also as a writer and a producer, and not to mention my mentor when I was young,  David Jay, who I worked with at POWER 95. Now producing against him at that time KBIG now MYFM. 

2. How is it to work for some of the biggest radio brands in the world? How do the tasks differ between the different stations / brands? What is the stylistic approaches and how difficult is it to change hats?

Working for all of these stations and such big names was a little overwhelming at times. The biggest task I had to deal with most was me MYSELF! I would sometimes get into my head and over think things when sometimes the simplest answer is staring at you in the face. YOURSELF. Don’t get me wrong you do have to be able to adapt to different situations and scenarios because each station was a beast. They had different personalities, different vibes in the market. For example I was doing both imaging for KROQ and WXRK. And they both were totally different stations. NY imaging was more attitude than LA. I remember in New York walking from 36th street all the way to 77th on the upper east side by the NY Met listening to K-Rock to get the feel and vibe of New York and the station. I couldn’t walk for days there after but I got it! Same station name but totally different from one another. To this day I still miss saying “WXRK, K-ROCK……NEEEEEWWW YORK“. The way I said New York made it sound so big and in your face, full of attitude!  When I shifted from working from one station to now imaging hundreds of other stations through my old imaging service I did back in the day, it was fun because I was catering to a plethora of stations with all different formats. I gave my clients  the option of telling me what THEY want, from music kick off sweeps to winning sound effects for national contests. For me personally, its being able to adapt to different changes. In this industry it’s important and it’s kind of like being an actor playing different roles.

3. How do your days look like? Is there a blueprint? A routine ?

Each day is completely different than the next, depending on what stations needs are.. I always like to “ease” my way into the work day. Reply to e-mails, voice copy for stations and drink lots of coffee. Some once said to me, “The bankers rule the day and the creative ones rule the night!” That’s totally true to me. Since parting ways with Groove Worx who distributed my services with “Groove-Tools”, I still have a handful of stations I do work for and do some consulting on the side. I never thought I would end up doing work on that side of the spectrum in this industry, but it’s been lots of fun! Having to use your knowledge, experience and ideas to help others is a reward within its self. When I was with “Groove-Tool” , we had subscribers in all formats so I had to be able to give all these different options.

4. What is your baby? Most fun project?

It’s really hard to answer that question, because every single project or job I had, was my baby. With each project comes different strategies, when you open  up a new project in the studio it’s like an artist starting out with an empty canvas, you have a vision in mind and you start painting away. Same goes in the studio. So, having said that, I’m a father to lots of babies! My current baby/project is being worked on now in a private laboratory.

5. What DAW do you guys use?  

I’m a Pro-Tools user/abuser!

6. What are your favorite plugins?

Too many to tell. I started off with the waves Platinum bundle pack and added on from there. My fav plug in? SPEAKERPHONE!! It’s so easy to manipulate. I also like everything by Spectrasonics! I could go on. So many times I get asked, what plug i used. I say I’m using everything waves bundle, with a few extra toys, then they say, NO WAY! It’s amazing what you can produce when layering plug ins.

7. What are new learnings, ideas, you work on inspirations?

We are always learning new things or trying new things! Get on Youtube, Spotify, Rhapsody or any music server and start typing random weird words and start listening to what comes back and you’ll be surprised, you’ll slowly start laughing or being intrigued by what you hear and your brain will get carried away. Ask your fellow producers to send you one of their favorite promos or jingles for inspiration, or listen to imaging demos from voice over artists, then copy their reading and give it your own interpretation. I could go on, you get the idea.

8. Any new tools you discovered lately? 

Deep in the bowels of a tiny laboratory in Will Morgan’s house somewhere in Los Angeles, a strange concoction is brewing, were not sure what it is and neither does Will, but we can tell you, it’s sexy! One of the new tools I’ve discovered lately is my voice, it’s probably dropped an octave lower in the past year and Im having fun doing mokerys of my new voice as if I’m going through puberty.

9. Your favorite piece of imaging / production ever?

The loveline promo I did  for KROQ. During the height of Sex and the City, i had funny outtakes from Drew and Adam and worked the female VO portraying Carrie Bradshaw and hit a home run. Kevin Weatherly actually gave me a smile and a nod. I love every piece of imaging or branding that I’ve done. Working at KROQ taught me that you always have to be on. I am my own worst critic! I love to leave people saying “WOW” when they hear work that I have produced or voiced.

10. What would be your career advice for a youngster your twenty year old self?

Never  stop doing what you love.. follow  your dreams, find a mentor or anyone whom you look up to and listen for advice and most importantly believe in yourself and never give up. One time, an old boss of mine told me this industry wasn’t for me and that I wasn’t cut up enough for it and to find something else. I used all of that negativity I was given as a positive. I wanted too, I had to prove them wrong. I think I did.

11. Who have been mentors of yours and how did they support you?

David Jay, Creative Director at MYFM in Los Angeles, he was my mentor when we worked together at WAPE in Jacksonville. He took me under his wing.  If you told me when I was 18, that I would be working agains in Los Angeles, I would of said, NO WAY!!!!!

12. The best tech purchase under a hundred dollar? 

Nick Daley and Forrest Martin’s phone number.

13. Work environment of your dreams, how would that look like?

Working with a creative group of radio geeks  all encouraging  ideas and inspration, and playing the game “What if we did it the way”. Creative people need hope and inspirations not to mention nurturing.. We creative types are somewhat oddities. When a bird doesn’t have wings he can’t fly. Give the bird wings and watch it SOAR!

14. Radio in 5 years? What will be different …….

Probably what they said 5 years  ago……… ”Radio  will be dead in 5 years”. In a perfect world, there will be more radio content, creating more jobs… never mind.On the subject of what inspires you? My inspiration comes from life and all that encumbers.  Ask this question when you wake up in the morning. What’s something different I can do today you’ll be surprised!

My mantra in my life to this: Anything is possible, as long as you believe.


An excerpt of Will’s work:

Revised Will Morgan Radio Demo



Demo Sirius XM



Will Morgan Imaging



Will Morgan VO Demo Reel






Fiver Friday #202 – A Halloween Preset, Descript changing editing and Monogram on Kickstarter!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 09/20/2019 - 09:00

That week went by fast with so much imaging going on – I hope you enjoy this week’s findings.


Perfect for Halloween Stuff – Layering Effect Rack:

1. We insert Effect Rack on the 2nd VO track.

2. Choose a suitable preset (“From Deep Space” works great!)

3. Remember to play around with the volume on the 2nd track until you get the wanted result!


Is this the end of our craft? Has anyone tried this out yet?


What a great track! R.I.P Guru!


Great kickstarter project by a cool company, definitely interested how this turns out and worth the support!

Monogram: Modular Creativity Tool


Our boy Dom has done it again! Nice work mate and thanks for sending a message when flying over Stuttgart and NOT stopping by and hanging :)….


Imaging Malaysia and Astro’s female Production Powerhouse – Meet Balqis Puteri, Sameera and the crew!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Thu, 09/19/2019 - 09:00
  I am so thrilled to have Balqis and the team on. We met each other in KL earlier this month and I was stunned having the opportunity interviewing a primarily female team and a female lead producer. I loved spending time with her and learning more about Malay culture, radio and how is imaging does there. Here is some background on Balqis and her team:   I’ve been working in Astro Radio for 7 years now. Started as an intern (late 2011) and came back as a commercial production engineer in July 2012. From there, I moved around to other stations for both Eng and Malay networks and have produced for stations like Mix, Lite (2012-2014), Zayan, Era and Hitz (current).   The production team in Astro Radio consists of 17 production engineers, 14 in Pen Malaysia and 3 in East Malaysia which includes station and commercial production engineers. Out of 17 engineers, 7 of us are girls! There’s Sameera (main engineer for Era and Zayan), Sarah (Hitz junior engineer), Hannah (Mix and Lite), Rachel (Melody), Pui Yin (Go Xuan), Elina (Sarawak office – Hitz, Era and My) and myself (leading the team and juggling between Era and Hitz).   The stations I mainly work on are Era and Hitz. Era is a malay language station and is Malaysia’s number 1 station with a listenership of 6.5 million. Both these stations are current hit radio (CHR) format in their own languages.    Enter Balqis:

  1. What DAW system are you using and why? 

The whole team uses Pro Tools, because there’s so many things you can do with it. We do radio promos, imaging, etc. as well as music recordings and the occasional video post pro. So it’s versatile and most of us find it easy to navigate.

  1. What are your favorite plugINs?

Balqis: Serato Pitch n Time! Love it, it’s like a best friend. I rely on it a lot to produce my promos and imaging if I want to beat match, find the BPM of a song, play around with the pitch variables to colour my VOs. I use the pitch shift to correct vocals too in song recordings. Another fav is the H-Delay because I feel like it’s the easiest to use, and best for promos/imaging, especially if you want your VOs to match the beat and play around with the note values.

Sameera:I use a lot of Waves Doubler to colour my VO. There are quite a few presets in there that I use often. One being Slap Happy to emphasise certain words or phrases. For music production I love the Waves Super Taps plug-in for delay effects. It’s just really fun to play around with especially for Hip Hop productions. Serrato Pitch and Time Pro 2.0. is also an essential plug in for me. I like playing around with vocal chops and sampling so that really comes in handy.

  1. What is the difference imaging a Malay radio channel vs an international Hit Music Channel?

Balqis: The flow of production and energy level is pretty much the same on Era and Hitz, since they’re both CHR stations. However, for Era, there are times when there are way more ballads to work with in the imaging compared to Hitz, which is always more pop/urban. There seems to be more hip hop playing on Era too lately so I guess we can say that the genre of music differs slightly for both stations.

Sameera: Malay language scripts tend to be quite long because of the structure of the language so we always have to find ways to make it interesting and not sound draggy.

  1. How is it to work for such a big company as ASTRO?

Pressure to perform! We are the leading broadcaster in Malaysia, so that keeps us on our toes at all times – it’s both stressful and exciting at the same time. But because Astro Radio is big, we have so many stations (11 FM stations in total) it gives us room for growth. We shuffle to other stations so it’s a continuous learning process and keeps things interesting. Perks are good too!

  1. What is your advantage being a female in a male dominated job?

Balqis: It really doesn’t feel like it here in Astro Radio because almost half of the team are girls!But I do feel girls are more detailed in production. We don’t overlook the little things and we can still do it at the speed of any guy engineers!

Sameera: The element of surprise. From my experience, I guess people are generally not used to a female engineer. So quite often I am underestimated from time to time. Another advantage would also be people don’t find us that intimidating! Newer artists or vocal talents tend to be more comfortable and seem to trust us and open up more which speeds up the process. But ultimately I believe audio has no gender and it really just depends on the individual.

  1. How does a typical day look ?

We start our day with breakfast production, which includes editing for rewinds and podcast. That usually takes up the whole morning. The afternoons are mostly for content editing (for segments that go on air the next day on breakfast), then there are the station and client promos. After we’re done with all the client or contest promos, we’ll produce station images and power intros if there are any song changes. Chart show editing is done on a weekly basis, usually recorded midweek and produced before the weekend.

  1. What is the best advice you ever gotten?

Balqis: This one stuck on me since the very first few days I started in radio –  “make sure you count your bars correctly”  and “cut the waves clean”.  I kept to that and it’s made all my promos sound tight and flow right. Thank you Mitch and Kev!

Sameera: In the famous words of Kendrick Lamar. Sit down. Be humble. 

My parents always reiterate to never think you are the best at something because in a way it can limit your learning growth. You can always learn from anyone and anywhere and strive to be even better. The learning never stops. Even when new engineers come in, I creep on their work and you can always learn something new. Whether it be audio or even a more efficient way to work.

  1. Who influenced you the most? Have there been any role models?

Balqis: In radio production, it’s definitely my former boss, Kevin Isitor a.k.a. Skeletor. He taught me a lot about radio imaging and his style of production strongly influences mine. He thought me how to use the Serato Pitch n Time and because of that, I know how to beat mix and produce mashups! The other seniors engineers at that time also played an important role. I came into radio not knowing anything about radio production and they gave me a lot of guidance.

Sameera: My environment and the people around me influence me the most. From what to do and even what not to do! Take the best around you and apply it and learn from the bad. I think in radio it’s a good thing to be fluid. In terms of role models, there are many! My elder sister played a huge role in fostering my interest in Audio. She did her post grad at NYU Steinhardt majoring in Music Technology and I just remembered being in awe when she took me for a studio tour. At work, I look up to a lot of the senior engineers that came before me. I came into the company without any formal audio background, I just messed about on any free audio programs I could get my hands on and they were instrumental in showing me the in’s and out’s of radio and production.

  1. From where and  how do you get creative input?

Balqis: Listening to music helps. The arrangement of a song, vocal processing (especially in EDM tracks) and beats really help to give me ideas for imaging. I check out what other imaging producers are doing too on Soundcloud and Youtube if I feel like my work is starting to get too “templated”

Sameera: Listening to music too! At the end of the day, I just pick some random playlist on Spotify and listen carefully to how each song is structured and produced. For technique, I go to Soundcloud. It’s great to listen to production from all over the world and you get to pick up some neat tricks and techniques.

________________________________________________________________________   Find an excerpt of their work here:    DBOYZ Teaser (prod. by Sameera)   http://blog.benztown.com/imaging/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/TEASER-1-ERA-DBOYZ-produced-by-Sameera.mp3


Kickoff JOHARA (prod. by Sameera)   http://blog.benztown.com/imaging/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/KICKOFF-JOHARA-PAGI-ERA-produced-by-Sameera.mp3


JOHARA Image    http://blog.benztown.com/imaging/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/JOHARA-IMAGE-1-AUG-2019_.mp3





Fiver Friday #201 – Temper, The greatest Player of all times and new Jingles for France!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 09/13/2019 - 09:56

Boom, Friday!!! What a WEEK! The weekend is close and here is my latest  findings. Cheers!


Another free plugin, as you guys love the plugin section


Andy’s Fiver Friday #200 – Happy Birthday Fiver Friday, Producer Talk, Mid 90s And Another Free Plugin

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 09/06/2019 - 08:25

200 ! Wow, I cant believe it. So happy you still like reading this so much. As my goal always is to create better and more suitable content for you, let me know, which category do you actually like the most! Go vote!

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And now: Let’s get right into this weeks findings!


Audio Damage FuzzPlus3 – Interesting free Distortion Plugin – check out the video below!


The legendary Mike Dean at Pensado’s Place – definitely worth a watch!


Happy Birthday 5er Friday! This is for you!


Fun TB to my youth – check it out on amazon prime!


Great work from Dan!



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