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production tricks and video tutorials for cutting edge and outstanding radio imaging
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Fiver Friday #202 – A Halloween Preset, Descript changing editing and Monogram on Kickstarter!

12 hours 48 min ago

That week went by fast with so much imaging going on – I hope you enjoy this week’s findings.


Perfect for Halloween Stuff – Layering Effect Rack:

1. We insert Effect Rack on the 2nd VO track.

2. Choose a suitable preset (“From Deep Space” works great!)

3. Remember to play around with the volume on the 2nd track until you get the wanted result!


Is this the end of our craft? Has anyone tried this out yet?


What a great track! R.I.P Guru!


Great kickstarter project by a cool company, definitely interested how this turns out and worth the support!

Monogram: Modular Creativity Tool


Our boy Dom has done it again! Nice work mate and thanks for sending a message when flying over Stuttgart and NOT stopping by and hanging :)….


Imaging Malaysia and Astro’s female Production Powerhouse – Meet Balqis Puteri, Sameera and the crew!

Thu, 09/19/2019 - 09:00
  I am so thrilled to have Balqis and the team on. We met each other in KL earlier this month and I was stunned having the opportunity interviewing a primarily female team and a female lead producer. I loved spending time with her and learning more about Malay culture, radio and how is imaging does there. Here is some background on Balqis and her team:   I’ve been working in Astro Radio for 7 years now. Started as an intern (late 2011) and came back as a commercial production engineer in July 2012. From there, I moved around to other stations for both Eng and Malay networks and have produced for stations like Mix, Lite (2012-2014), Zayan, Era and Hitz (current).   The production team in Astro Radio consists of 17 production engineers, 14 in Pen Malaysia and 3 in East Malaysia which includes station and commercial production engineers. Out of 17 engineers, 7 of us are girls! There’s Sameera (main engineer for Era and Zayan), Sarah (Hitz junior engineer), Hannah (Mix and Lite), Rachel (Melody), Pui Yin (Go Xuan), Elina (Sarawak office – Hitz, Era and My) and myself (leading the team and juggling between Era and Hitz).   The stations I mainly work on are Era and Hitz. Era is a malay language station and is Malaysia’s number 1 station with a listenership of 6.5 million. Both these stations are current hit radio (CHR) format in their own languages.    Enter Balqis:

  1. What DAW system are you using and why? 

The whole team uses Pro Tools, because there’s so many things you can do with it. We do radio promos, imaging, etc. as well as music recordings and the occasional video post pro. So it’s versatile and most of us find it easy to navigate.

  1. What are your favorite plugINs?

Balqis: Serato Pitch n Time! Love it, it’s like a best friend. I rely on it a lot to produce my promos and imaging if I want to beat match, find the BPM of a song, play around with the pitch variables to colour my VOs. I use the pitch shift to correct vocals too in song recordings. Another fav is the H-Delay because I feel like it’s the easiest to use, and best for promos/imaging, especially if you want your VOs to match the beat and play around with the note values.

Sameera:I use a lot of Waves Doubler to colour my VO. There are quite a few presets in there that I use often. One being Slap Happy to emphasise certain words or phrases. For music production I love the Waves Super Taps plug-in for delay effects. It’s just really fun to play around with especially for Hip Hop productions. Serrato Pitch and Time Pro 2.0. is also an essential plug in for me. I like playing around with vocal chops and sampling so that really comes in handy.

  1. What is the difference imaging a Malay radio channel vs an international Hit Music Channel?

Balqis: The flow of production and energy level is pretty much the same on Era and Hitz, since they’re both CHR stations. However, for Era, there are times when there are way more ballads to work with in the imaging compared to Hitz, which is always more pop/urban. There seems to be more hip hop playing on Era too lately so I guess we can say that the genre of music differs slightly for both stations.

Sameera: Malay language scripts tend to be quite long because of the structure of the language so we always have to find ways to make it interesting and not sound draggy.

  1. How is it to work for such a big company as ASTRO?

Pressure to perform! We are the leading broadcaster in Malaysia, so that keeps us on our toes at all times – it’s both stressful and exciting at the same time. But because Astro Radio is big, we have so many stations (11 FM stations in total) it gives us room for growth. We shuffle to other stations so it’s a continuous learning process and keeps things interesting. Perks are good too!

  1. What is your advantage being a female in a male dominated job?

Balqis: It really doesn’t feel like it here in Astro Radio because almost half of the team are girls!But I do feel girls are more detailed in production. We don’t overlook the little things and we can still do it at the speed of any guy engineers!

Sameera: The element of surprise. From my experience, I guess people are generally not used to a female engineer. So quite often I am underestimated from time to time. Another advantage would also be people don’t find us that intimidating! Newer artists or vocal talents tend to be more comfortable and seem to trust us and open up more which speeds up the process. But ultimately I believe audio has no gender and it really just depends on the individual.

  1. How does a typical day look ?

We start our day with breakfast production, which includes editing for rewinds and podcast. That usually takes up the whole morning. The afternoons are mostly for content editing (for segments that go on air the next day on breakfast), then there are the station and client promos. After we’re done with all the client or contest promos, we’ll produce station images and power intros if there are any song changes. Chart show editing is done on a weekly basis, usually recorded midweek and produced before the weekend.

  1. What is the best advice you ever gotten?

Balqis: This one stuck on me since the very first few days I started in radio –  “make sure you count your bars correctly”  and “cut the waves clean”.  I kept to that and it’s made all my promos sound tight and flow right. Thank you Mitch and Kev!

Sameera: In the famous words of Kendrick Lamar. Sit down. Be humble. 

My parents always reiterate to never think you are the best at something because in a way it can limit your learning growth. You can always learn from anyone and anywhere and strive to be even better. The learning never stops. Even when new engineers come in, I creep on their work and you can always learn something new. Whether it be audio or even a more efficient way to work.

  1. Who influenced you the most? Have there been any role models?

Balqis: In radio production, it’s definitely my former boss, Kevin Isitor a.k.a. Skeletor. He taught me a lot about radio imaging and his style of production strongly influences mine. He thought me how to use the Serato Pitch n Time and because of that, I know how to beat mix and produce mashups! The other seniors engineers at that time also played an important role. I came into radio not knowing anything about radio production and they gave me a lot of guidance.

Sameera: My environment and the people around me influence me the most. From what to do and even what not to do! Take the best around you and apply it and learn from the bad. I think in radio it’s a good thing to be fluid. In terms of role models, there are many! My elder sister played a huge role in fostering my interest in Audio. She did her post grad at NYU Steinhardt majoring in Music Technology and I just remembered being in awe when she took me for a studio tour. At work, I look up to a lot of the senior engineers that came before me. I came into the company without any formal audio background, I just messed about on any free audio programs I could get my hands on and they were instrumental in showing me the in’s and out’s of radio and production.

  1. From where and  how do you get creative input?

Balqis: Listening to music helps. The arrangement of a song, vocal processing (especially in EDM tracks) and beats really help to give me ideas for imaging. I check out what other imaging producers are doing too on Soundcloud and Youtube if I feel like my work is starting to get too “templated”

Sameera: Listening to music too! At the end of the day, I just pick some random playlist on Spotify and listen carefully to how each song is structured and produced. For technique, I go to Soundcloud. It’s great to listen to production from all over the world and you get to pick up some neat tricks and techniques.

________________________________________________________________________   Find an excerpt of their work here:    DBOYZ Teaser (prod. by Sameera)


Kickoff JOHARA (prod. by Sameera)







Fiver Friday #201 – Temper, The greatest Player of all times and new Jingles for France!

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 09:56

Boom, Friday!!! What a WEEK! The weekend is close and here is my latest  findings. Cheers!


Another free plugin, as you guys love the plugin section


Andy’s Fiver Friday #200 – Happy Birthday Fiver Friday, Producer Talk, Mid 90s And Another Free Plugin

Fri, 09/06/2019 - 08:25

200 ! Wow, I cant believe it. So happy you still like reading this so much. As my goal always is to create better and more suitable content for you, let me know, which category do you actually like the most! Go vote!

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And now: Let’s get right into this weeks findings!


Audio Damage FuzzPlus3 – Interesting free Distortion Plugin – check out the video below!


The legendary Mike Dean at Pensado’s Place – definitely worth a watch!


Happy Birthday 5er Friday! This is for you!


Fun TB to my youth – check it out on amazon prime!


Great work from Dan!


Andy’s Fiver Friday #199 – Radio Days Asia, End Of Summer Sales And Scott Phillips for Ambush!

Fri, 08/30/2019 - 07:40

What a week. You gotta love KL. First ever Radio Days Asia 2019 was a great success and I really liked the energy and the vibe of the entire convention. It was a blast and fun to see how radio is killing it over here!


Check out XLN Audio’s End Of Summer Sale, lot’s of bang for the buck!

XLN Audio


Awesome channel with lots of tips, tricks and knowledge – high quality content for free!


My favorite 2018 playlist!


Check out Radio Days Asia On Facebook.

Also here are some impressions! Had a great time!



Awesome new stuff from Scott Phillips for Ambush


Andy’s Fiver Friday #198 – RDA and Hello from KL!

Fri, 08/23/2019 - 05:36

First of all, thanks to Matt, Kev and BT, who where an awesome “Team Takeover”. I am back and on the road again. Hello from KL and Radio Days Asia. I am thrilled to be here and already love the city, the energy. If you are here, too, I would be so happy to touch base at the convention next week.

1. Plugin

The Sonsig Rev-A reverb by Relab honestly looks and sounds awesome! You can get your free trial by simply entering this code into your iLok Account: 9162-6163-5011-3601-6813-6970-5732-75

Also check out this quick review:


Awesome podcast by Matt D’Avella on Health, Business and Lifestyle! Also available on Spotify and Apple Music


Andy’s Fiver Friday #197 – Brendan Tacey TAKEOVER: C3PO Hack, Grabs, Mentors And The Unknown Aussies!

Fri, 08/16/2019 - 07:24

We’ve got another TAKEOVER! This time from no other but reigning Iron Imager Champion Brendan Tacey! Check out his findings for the week


Andy’s Fiver Friday #196 – Kevin Horton TAKEOVER: Endless Scrolling, Studio Tutorials And Bob Schmidt!

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 06:58

As Andy is still on vacation, we got another Fiver Friday takeover for you guys! Today we’re featuring our very own Kevin Horton, giving you his findings for the week – Enjoy!


One of the OG’s H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer. I remember endlessly scrolling the wheel on this piece of outboard gear in the Star 98.7 production studio. The plug-in version is a great re-creation!


Stumbled onto this breakdown of the recording and mixing of the DFA 1979 song “Nomad”. This song is so gritty and heavy, great tips and Eric Valentine has a series of studio tutorials, but they are looooong.


Tarantino always has great music in his films… and now they are all in one place!


The Autumn Wind is a Raider… Hard Knocks returned this week to get the anticipation for football season into full swing.


Bob Schmidt does an amazing job with the Fox Sports brand. Super Creative stuff.


Andy’s Fiver Friday #195 – Matt Anderson TAKEOVER: Micro Shift, KRK Audio Tools and The Irishman

Fri, 08/02/2019 - 07:10

Hey guys! As Andy is on holiday right now, the Fiver Friday has been taken over! We’re starting off by sharing our very own Matt Anderson’s findings for this week! Enjoy…. 


Soundtoys MicroShift: MY FAVORITE PLUGIN!! 

I put it on a vocal track and BOOM! Super wide VO makes for a really cool sound! 


Totally unrelated, but…I’m REALLY excited. Looks like Goodfellas 2! 


Heard this song on my drive in this morning! I like…like a lot….


I love my KRK’s…No matter what Andy says….. 


WARNING: Shameless plug…check me out on Soundcloud! 


From Community Radio to Head of Production at Fox FM Melbourne – Enter Dom Evans

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 14:15

Feels so good to reconnect with Dom, we had such a great time in LA this fall. He was out with our ruling iron Imager champ BT  and we had a blast. Dom is one of the most lovely and talented people in our business I ever met and when he sent me some audio last week I thought, man I REALLY REALLY have to share this. Check out his latest larger than life secret sound production, learn about his mentors and and and…Enter Dom!

1. Can you give me a bit background on yourself, your career, achievements, role at the FOX. I am sure a lot of the readers will know you or of you, but  it puts a lot of the below in context I assume.

I started in community radio at age 13. A fantastic student radio station called SYN did a presentation at my school. I fell in love with it immediately and from there on in, it became all about learning the craft of making great radio! I was very fortunate to get a foot in the door here at The Fox at 18 as a Panel Operator. From there, off to Hot 100 in Darwin (the very top of outback Australia), then to hit929 in Perth where I looked after the imaging and production for the breakfast show. After Perth, back to Melbourne, looking after our Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth stations alongside the legendary Konsky and Blacko, before stepping into The Fox role in 2016. I’m part of an incredible team here at The Fox. We have Konsky overseeing the entire network. Mike Santos looks after our breakfast show, Fifi Fev & Byron. Tim Hammond and Chris Marsh look after our two drive shows, Hughesy & Kate and Carrie & Tommy respectively. I produce major station packaging, promotions, song intros etc. We also have Jez based in Brisbane, who primarily looks after hit105, hit107 and hit929, but you’ll hear his work on The Fox too. We’re a very collaborative team.

Cash Promo


Shows Promo



2. How is it to work for some of the biggest radio brands in Australia? How has your role evolved in the last couple years?

Working at The Fox was always the dream, I grew up listening to The Fox and the insane work of Matt Nikolic (Blacko), and so it’s a real privilege to work on this brand. It’s my fourth year as Head of Production here at The Fox, I feel like it’s a constantly moving and evolving beast. I’ve started becoming more involved in script writing which I’ve really enjoyed. I think as producers, we can hear a vision and a sound in our heads, it’s awesome to be able to set the foundations with a killer script concept.

3.How are your days look like? Is there a blueprint? A routine ?

If you told me you did this routine a year ago, I’d think you were crazy. So I get up at 5am, my girlfriend and I go to the gym first thing. Back home around 6:30, quick breakfast and on the road by 7am (first stop coffee). I’m here in South Melbourne just after 8, first thing I’ll do is check e-mail and say good morning to Santos in the studio. We have a daily meeting at 8:30 with the jocks and key content staff to set up the day. From there, it changes depending on what’s happening. There are meetings and calls, but I still spend most of my day in the studio producing. I work very closely with our Assistant Content Director, we’d probably talk on the phone 20 times a day discussing what’s required, how it should sound, what it should say etc.

4.What is your baby? Most fun project? I assume the podcast….:)

The podcast has been an awesome experience! I would say my favourite projects are promotions (we call them tactics). I love coming up with ‘a sound’ for something to bring it to life. With The Secret Sound for example, I’ve got an Ariana Grande acapella with a few catchy EDM songs, and some cinematic drums and air horns all in the same key. I’m really happy with how it’s all come together, projects like that, I’m really in my element.

Secret Sound Promo


Secret Sound Opener


Secret Sound Sweeper


5. What DAW do you use and why?

Pro Tools. It’s the industry standard here in Australia, I couldn’t imagine using anything else.

6. What are your favorite plugins?

Pitch N Time Pro, H Delay, Sans Amp, WavesTune, Morphoder, Izotope Nectar.

7. What are new learnings? Ideas you work on? Inspirations?

I love a clean sound. I think over time I’ve learnt that less is more. A few key elements working together is all you really need to make something pop out of the speakers. It’s very easy to overcook it, and it becomes too much. I’m also a big believer that you never ever stop learning, so I’m quite often picking up the phone to Jez and Konsky and asking “how did you do that!?”.

8. Any new tools you discovered lately?

 I’ve known about this for a long time, but I’ve started recently grouping regions together for tags on promos, really nice and easy to move around on the grid.

9. Your favorite piece of imaging / production ever?

 This is such a tough question. I have heard some incredible production! The first one that comes to mind is a stellar promo from Blacko back in around 2007, it was a huge epic beatmixed concert promo, it has stuck in my head ever since.

10. Radio in 5 years? What will be different, new, more of, less?

There is a lot of talk about what radio will look like in 5 years. My view is that people will always need to be entertained. Audio on demand is without doubt a growth market, but I think linear radio has an opportunity to rise to the challenge and keep itself in the game. Certainly in Australia, radio is alive and kicking, the companies that operate here invest significantly. As for us radio people, it might be clever to reframe that to content people. Content isn’t going anywhere, storytelling isn’t going anywhere, entertainment isn’t going anywhere, audio isn’t going anywhere.


More of Dom’s work:




Andy’s Fiver Friday #194 – Work OFF, Vacay ON, 5er Friday Take Overs and California here I come

Fri, 07/26/2019 - 05:16

So, last 5er Friday for me, at least for a few weeks. I will be OFF a few days and this means you will get some nice Andy’s Fiver Friday’s take overs by Matt, Kev and a special guest. Enjoy this weeks findings and HELLO CALIFORNIA, HELLO LA!


Vengeance Sound celebrates their 10th anniversary with a 50% discount! Just enter ANNI10 on checkout. This also includes the infamous VPS Avenger Synth!


Kinda old, but still really cool to get an insight on Hip Hop Production – Free Waves Masterclass with Focus!


Incredible Cinematography and banging track!


Loving the VOX Earworm series, always well deducted and visualised. 


Some nice new stuff from STAXX


From Imaging the biggest Drive Time Show in Oz to creating his own podcast company – Enter Darcy Milne

Wed, 07/24/2019 - 01:29

I am thrilled to have Darcy from Nova in Australia on today and I can tell you: His story is mind blowing. Darcy is a really impressive young man, who creates awesome work hitting the airwaves daily in Australia and is one of the most talented imaging producers I know, while in the same time he was able to create an individual side business where he creates audio design for some of the biggest companies in the world, which are starting in the world of podcasting.

It is really impressive. Learn more about Darcy, how he schedules his massive amount of work and how he enjoys breaking rules and expanding audio frontiers for his clients. Thanks mate for this lovely guest post! Cheers !!!!

Every day I get to shape the sound of the #1 drive show in Australia, Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty.

It’s a fast-paced, high-pressure environment that requires absolute attention to detail, focus and passion for creating production that ensures our audience is both entertained and excited by the production they hear. This love of creating production started early for me. At 14 years old, I convinced my school to let me go into my local radio station once a week so I could learn the craft. At 17 David Konsky gave me the call up for my first full-time gig and I went from looking up to my heroes which included Konsky, Brendan Tacey and Sidey to working with them and winning awards for it!








After crafting Breakfast radio shows around the country I then got the call up from the legendary Matt Dower to become Nova’s National Drive Producer to ensure the success of Kate, Tim and Marty and it’s here that, at the same time, I took on a whole new challenge – The world of podcasting.

With the vision to bring the same high standard, creative level of production to the podcast space I took a chance and started my own business on the side — Pro Podcast Production which is a complete production solution for brands and individuals looking to make a professional podcast. I quickly learned about the incredible opportunity that awaits all of us in the podcast space and the differences and similarities between creating radio imaging vs crafting podcast production. Radio is this wonderfully fast-paced environment which has a very structured approach to creating content, which is important when multiple teams and people are involved in the process. Technology has also changed how we make radio reaching our audiences in new ways by streaming live segments, delivering content directly to their phones and never before have we been able to so easily capture and craft incredible audio in the way we do today.

The exciting opportunity for podcasting is that the ability to capture and present audio to an audience is no longer reserved for radio stations and now anyone can utilise the same hardware and software used by stations to share stories and ideas with people all over the world, in a completely unrestricted medium. It’s a blank canvas to create and now there are over 750,000 podcasts! This also means it’s an open invite for all of us to utilise the skills radio provides and apply this to a whole new medium. I’ve learned first hand how this can give you new skills and the chance to challenge your production style. There’s still that same sense of pressure and hard work that radio requires each day, but what I love about creating podcast production is each project is different. Some projects require production that is fun or silly, others have a more corporate tone and feel. There’s still the same technical knowledge required, I’m using Pro Tools for both my radio and podcast production, but the difference in style each project requires creates a wonderful creative challenge. I saw this when I worked with IKEA to create their first-ever podcast. They wanted a quirky, relaxing podcast that helps people get to sleep which is the complete opposite of CHR Imaging. The result though resonated with people and it was a wonderful experience to not only see it talked about on TV and across all forms of media but to see the podcast I made from my little studio in Sydney, Australia reach people all over the world including wonderful places like Brazil, India, Mexico, and Japan!

Being part of a different medium also allows you to build your skillset beyond learning new production styles. I also had to learn how to promote myself and what I have to offer. Squarespace is a great way to do this, so I built a simple site followed by a post of Facebook letting people know that I was open for business. I then learned how to better network utilising tools like LinkedIn but also sending emails to people I looked up to within the industry. This approach worked and I was able to then welcome a talented executive producer and a graphic designer to the team and saw how others were able to also easily apply their radio skills to podcasts. My typical day also changed. I look after all of the production needs for my clients which includes recording, sound design, editing and creative consulting so my day starts at 7.30am so I can touch base with my clients in America. Then, if I’m not recording a podcast I get straight into editing which takes me up to 9.30 am. This is followed by any sound design projects all the while I’m keeping up with the emails from clients where I’m giving advice, updates or booking in meetings. I jump in the car at 11.30am to arrive at Nova at 12.30am which is where I switch into radio mode creating all the production required for Kate, Tim and Marty which includes writing and making intros, montages, promos as well as editing and developing the strategy to ensure, as a show, we sound the best we possibly can. I finish at 8 pm and then I’m usually home by 9.

The biggest thing I’m learning is that organising your time so you can focus on one thing at a time is key. I like to think of how we feel inside being represented by a bucket. If we don’t take the time to ‘feel our bucket’ with the things that bring joy, fun, or fulfilment, the bucket runs out and our creative self runs on empty. So I use iCal to block out time for family, friends, and downtime and I use Wunderlist (a free, incredible task organiser) to ensure I know what I have to focus on and I don’t start the day feeling overwhelmed. Helping people build new podcasts each week has served as a wonderful reminder that the production we build each day actually reaches real people regardless of the platform. It has the power to evoke emotion or tell a story, be it in a 30-second promo or a 60-minute podcast and ultimately that production is an incredible skill that’s learned by few but experienced by many. Here are some of my favourite pieces that I’ve made recently.

I’m passionate about seeing others build their skills and create magic, so if you need any advice on navigating the wonderful world of radio or podcast production say hi via email –


Andy’s Fiver Friday #193 – Delay Techniques, Duolingo And My All Time Favorite Series

Fri, 07/19/2019 - 06:17

Here is your weekly dose of my weekly findings, stuff I have read, new things I got introduced to…and guess what…ONE WEEK LEFT before the summer holiday!!!


Instead of another plugin recommendation, here are some great advanced delay techniques to use in your productions:

5 advanced digital delay techniques


Fantastic READ about a green OWL

How Duolingo Built A 700 Million $ Business 


Great album for a relaxed weekend!


My all time favorite series is in there, too..


Here is the latest from Yours truly..Hope you like it!


Andy’s Fiver Friday #192 – Stock Plugin Secrets, Scoring for Stranger Things and A Summer Hit!

Fri, 07/12/2019 - 11:00

It is FRIDAY!!!! Here is the best of last week!


This week instead of sharing a new plugin, i’d like to instruct you to refocus on the use of stock plugins and really getting to know what you can do with them. This video is a great short little example of it!


For all of you Podcast geeks out there, this podcast dedicates itself to providing info on living healthier, wiser and happier! It was selected Best of 2018 by Apple, check it out!


Doesn’t get any more catchy than this Summer Hit!


Awesome break down on the creation of the soundtrack to Stranger Things! Something for you analog guys out there


SWITCHING GEARS – A night owl becomes and early riser. Imaging the biggest morning show brand on the planet. Enter Pat Rice!

Wed, 07/10/2019 - 09:56

Chris lately introduced me to his new crew members at KIIS. Pat and Chris. Talented guys, for sure. What really peaked my interest is the very uncommon switch of Pat from producing the night show to creating magic for the biggest morning show on the planet – Kyle and Jackie O. How did Pat’s work life change, what is his new strategies in dealing with such high profile talent and what are his biggest learnings in the first weeks? Enter Pat!

1. How did your work life change? 

My work life changed immensely from being able to take the time to craft my ideas, to now juggling ‘walk-ins’ and tight deadlines.

2. How is it to work with such high profile talent? 

It’s incredibly honouring working with such high profile talent. Days never seem similar or the same, and interviews with big artists and guests allow me to make imaging that listeners are excited to hear. Also having the resources and VO’s that KIIS provide only enhance my production to the next level.

3. How did you feel when presented that opportunity? 

Completely baffled hahaha. Working in show production has always been my preference, and being presented with the role of one of the biggest shows in the world, is without question the biggest highlight of my career.

4.What is different, tougher than you expected? What is better than expected? 

The early mornings are challenging, and the standard of production very high. The role isn’t only hard on me but my partner too with the hours, and emails late at night. Though working with such an awesome team is so rewarding & exciting which I believe reflects in my work and makes it shine.

5.What have been the biggest learnings so far? 

Communication is key. Letting little things slip can be the biggest problem on a show with such magnitude. Also making things easier for yourself in the long run by doing mix-outs, correctly labelling and filing to make your job easier is such a big thing I’m currently knuckling down to finesse. I believe you should be able to find the SFX or BED (you’ve saved previously) you’re after within 15 seconds, if not you need to up your filing !

6.Guys, can you give me a bit background on yourself, your career, achievements, role at KIIS…       

Radio has been my life from such a young age.. My Mother was a Breakfast Announcer, Aunty was a Breakfast Announcer, Uncle a Content Director and has been an Image Producer, so I never had a chance to do anything else hahaha. My love for Production started at the age of 10 from being asked to do a little read for a Bank Commercial. Watching the “Buttons man” produce my read, and seeing what he could do with my voice amazed me. From 14 years old I sat in and watched before and after school, did my work experience, then worked for free & did some promotional work until I landed my first full time role at NOVA Central Coast (Star Fm). This step helped me grow and learn the skills I needed to land the nights role at KIIS a year later. Now 10 months down the track, and some very long nights, I couldn’t be happier to be part of The Kyle & Jackie O Show!

7.How is it to work for some of the biggest radio brands in the world? 

Challenging. I am always listening to other big networks to see how I can be different and better (I’m competitive). Being apart of the biggest radio brands is a blessing for growth if you allow it to be.

8.How are your days look like? Is there a blueprint? A routine ? 

Yes, I have a daily check list that ill print out. The key tasks stay the same, and other tasks that appear I sprinkle in. Also I actually now have a note pad on my desk specifically for walk-in tasks that ill cross of when completed. Show production is tricky to juggle with random things popping up all the time, so I’ve learnt to ‘Expect the Unexpected’ and have a pen and paper ready at all times.

9.What DAW do you guys use? 

I use ProTools Version 2019.5.0

10.What are your favourite plugins? 

MondoMod is a great one ! Playing around with the Waveform & multiplying the BPM by an even number in grid mode gives a great effect. MetaFlanger, Lo-Fi, Pitch ‘n’ Time Pro are the main plugins ill use daily. I enjoy (when I have the time) not using pre-settings though, and experimenting with my own sound and saving that. I find you learn more and find out how the powerful plugin can really be.

11. What are new learnings? Ideas you work on? Inspirations? 

I get a lot of my big promo sound ideas from movie trailers. I actually enjoy watching and listening to them more than the actual movie itself most of the time. For show promos there’s a lot of my personality. Music I like and listen to, comedic pauses I like to create, stuff like that. I listen to Music/SFX libraries and Soundcloud in the car wherever I go. Voicing my own random on the spot promo to go with the Cinematic EDM Music Bed playing through the speakers..

12. Any new tools you discovered lately? 

Shortcuts, Shortcuts, Shortcuts !! I love stumbling across a good one. Yesterday while ‘Panning’ a Mono track, accidently holding Shift + Control and dragging my Mouse Across and Down the audio file, its ZIG ZAGS ! I might be late to the party on that one but stuff like that I love finding. 

13.Your favorite piece of imaging / production ever? 

My favourite piece of imaging is a Launch Piece Produced by Brad Leask over at NOVA. I think the audio speaks for itself:

14.Who have been mentors of yours and how did they support you? 

I’ve had many mentors that have helped get me to this stage in my career. From my Uncle teaching me what he knows, to Chris Davis & Dan Hunt my fellow imagers at KIIS still telling me I’m putting too much into a promo and I need to let it breathe haha. I couldn’t thank everyone enough, and only hope I can inspire and help other imagers work their way up through the ranks !


Some of Pat’s latest work: 


Andy’s Fiver Friday #191 – MASSIVE X, correcting bad posture and an Iron Imager returns!!!

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 07:13

Weekend, NOW! Not much more to say! Let’s go!


Native Instruments just released the long awaited MASSIVE X Synth! Check out their promo video here: 


For all you screen heads….I started with this last week. 


Check out this Remix on the Stranger Things Theme, which is free to download and might be useful for your productions!


Awesome documentary on the creation of Revenge of the Dreamers III featuring various artists surrounding the Dreamville camp!


Great work from former Iron Imaging champ Sam!


Andy’s Fiver Friday #190 – Heat wave, what people ask Alexa the most and a free piano!

Fri, 06/28/2019 - 11:00

So the heat has taken over :)…it is insane here!!! So a quick update before the weekend!


People love free stuff – so here’s more free stuff: Piano One, a decent sounding tweakable piano vst for your productions!

Check it out!


Interesting take on How To Life A Good Life – Freedom in Thought is an awesome channel in general!


Awesome and saddening tribute video for one of the biggest musical talents – gone way too early!


Thanks to Dave “Chachi” Denes for sharing this! If you create content for Smart Speakers, this might come in handy!


Our boy Chris has done it again…Love how he integrated Macklemore!



Wed, 06/26/2019 - 04:14

So, this is supposed to be a short one, but I felt the urge to share this with you guys. Since a few days summer is here and this means it is HOT! Really HOT! It hit us really bad!
What doe this have to do with you?

The heat reminded me on two principles we need to use more and force ourselves to do so, other wise yeah thats right – the overwhelm….the feeling of being insanely busy, flooded, cooked, overworked – we all know it.
Due to many reasons our work live changes every minute, every thing is last minute, fast paced and steady evolving. Our schedule gets dictated by bosses, clients, partners etc. For creative work this is not a perfect climate.

As I set the alarm on Monday to 5.30a to beat the heat and be in the office by 7a and started to work on some productions, I encourage you to transfer this principle for things you know they gonna come and will happen.

1. Be Prepared and Beat the HEAT, before stressful times will arise. You mostly know when this will happen – PREPARE!

2. BEAT the Heat by taking actions, be active not REACTIVE
In case it is happening: YOU GET FLOODED with work, last minute launch, weekend gone.. ! IT happens NOW, in this particular moment….adjust, take action or best have a backup plan.




Andy’s Fiver Friday #189 – Pan Man, Support Your Local Heroes and Imaging Greatness

Fri, 06/21/2019 - 08:07

So, another summer week is gone and we are all preparing for the weekend!!! Was a week full of 4th of July imaging Vocal recordings for ESKA Rock and some cool new findings along the way! Talk MONDAY ladies and gents!


A good old friend of mine I revisited big time this week :)..PAN MAN, love it to give a track a specific layer or movement!!!


Awesome documentary on the creation of divide by Ed Sheeran – so much creative talent and an exceptional work ethic!


Support your local heroes, our boy for Urban beats Nasou with his new record! 

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Just out, the trailer for the series finale of Stranger Things – hopefully this will be as good as the last ones!


Two for this week: 

Iron Imager Contestant and Capital Imaging Producer Chris with an awesome REMIX of ED:

.. and some great work from the Italian Imaging God: go Lucio!!!


Andy’s Fiver Friday #188 – SubLab, Lessons of history and KLIF!

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 07:25

Boom, Friday, I am outta here :)…I hope you had a great week, like I had! Check this weeks findings…


Check out this new powerful sub-bass plugin/synthesizer! Looks really promising, as you can adjust your 808s just the way you want them to sound.  Also, it’s on sale right now!



Wanna know how to get ripped for summer, fantastic video from our ozzi friend! Really funny stuff!


It is summer