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I met Daniel, as he called the office and gave some very valueable feedback on benztown CHR. I was interested to learn more about him and his work, so we chatted more frequently and I decided to interview him for the blog as his story can be very inspiring to all you imaging folks out there.

Daniel is 19 years old and from Sweden. He is the Imaging Director for 8 radiostations in Norway, Imaging Norway IKEA style – Enter Daniel.

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“I started my radio career when I was 13. My original plan in life was to become a pilot but that went out from the window when I heard a guy talking between the songs on the Swedish station RIX FM. I thought that I also could do that – it seemed fun! So I started to broadcast Internet radio, and when I was 16 I finally made it to FM radio in Sweden on the local station The Voice in Stockholm.
Even if I’m just 19 years old I have done so much in radio. I have a career that I’m proud of. Everything from making coffee to the morning hosts, Scheduling music, Radio hosting, weather reports and at least radio PRODUCING!
Now I work in Norway as an Imaging Director for 8 radiostations and I’m also a radio host on NRJ. Here is how I sound on the air!

I produce for NRJ (CHR), P5 Hits (Hot AC/CHR), P6 Rock (Classic Rock), P7 Klem (Soft AC), P8 Pop (Classic Hits), P9 Retro (Oldies) and P10 Mix (Random).”

1. Which production system do you use and why? I use Avid ProTools, during my whole career as a producer I have used it and I also have a certificate on it (the 101 course). I find it very easy to work with, it’s really logical how it works. A friend of mine produces music tracks in Logic and when he showed me it, I found it really UNlogic if you compare it with Avid ProTools.

2. How do you schedule your work ? I started to use SmartSheet, and it really works great for me. Some Folks talked about it on The Imaging Days, benztown is using it, too and I thought “why not try it?”. It has made my workday much easier since I produce for 8 radio stations. The PDs just add in the sheet what they need to have and I make it for them, and when I’m done I can just check it as “done” directly. Even upload files on the sheet. It works like a regular Excel sheet with some extra functions.

3. What do you love about working on your own compared to being the Head of Imaging for a CHR station in Norway? I don’t produce outside my job since I don’t have the time to do it. 8 radiostations in Norway is enough haha. I live for radio producing; the music stuff isn’t my cup of tea actually. So you can call me a radio freak!

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Screenshot Daniel Hubinette - Z100 Promo4. What is the best Pro Tools or production trick anybody should know? There isn’t! Well of course there is, but it’s your own trick! You have to build your own mind in imaging, how you want things to sound and how you want to work in your production program. Find a way that YOU like. When I produce, I alway have one thin in mind; “How can I make this sound so good that other producers want to copy it?”
But it’s not always so easy if you get a task to produce toplist liners. “Number 1000… Number 999… Number 998…”
And if you use ProTools – Take part in the 101 course! It helped me a lot!

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5. How do you get inspired and what do you use as scource of creativity? What means the term “Creative Imaging” to you? I often use SoundCloud for example to listen on other producers, listening on radio airchecks from radio stations all around the world to keep my mind very global when it comes to the radio stuff. But I can also be inspired when I hear a great song that I like and think “oh I can use that part for something” and so on.

6. Who were your radio production idols, who influenced your work as a  producer? Definitely Marcel Robé in Sweden. He did a great job for the radio in my home country when it comes to imaging. Great guy and he taught me a lot during my career. Also of course, Dave Foxx.

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7. What would be your 3 key advices for a youngster? Haha, I’m a youngster myself! – Only 19 years old. I can just say, if you want to produce for a radio station – DO IT! Follow your dreams. If you love radio, it’s the most fun job you can have. You decide how a radiostation sounds on the air – how cool? Also check out Dave Foxx’s blog, he has some great production tips! And last but not least: always give yourself a challenge! That’s the only way to get better.

Thanks for the Interview Daniel. Only the best for your way forward.

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