Benztown Distributes New Classic Hip-Hop Show Hosted By Sir Mix-A-Lot |

Benztown Distributes New Classic Hip-Hop Show Hosted By Sir Mix-A-Lot

BURBANK, CA, May 4, 2016— Benztown, an international radio imaging, production library, programming, jingles and voiceover services company with over 1,900 affiliations on six different continents, announces that it will distribute a five-hour Classic Hip Hop radio show, “Explicitly Old School with Sir-Mix-a-Lot” hosted by renowned rapper, songwriter and producer Sir-Mix-a-Lot.

Sir-Mix-a-Lot's Radio Show On Air

“Explicitly Old School with Sir-Mix-a-Lot” plays the biggest Old School Hip Hop hits and artists from the ‘90’s to the early 2000’s, with features and celebrity interviews presented by host and hitmaker Sir-Mix-a-Lot, whose unique perspective, humor and broad appeal successfully crosses multiple genres, including Rhythmic, Urban and CHR formats. The show was created and produced by Keith “Envius” Elliot’s CTC Creative. Envius, the former KDAY/Los Angeles and WMIB/Miami on-air personality, is also the creative mind behind the uber-smash Speed Bump Intros ( “Explicitly Old School with Sir-Mix-a-Lot” will launch as a one-hour weekday show, and is also available as a five-hour weekend show. It currently airs Monday through Friday from 12 noon-1 pm on KUBE 93 FM (KUBE-FM) in Seattle and JAM’N 107.5 (KXJM-FM) in Portland, OR, and Saturdays from 7 pm -12 Midnight on 93.9 The Beat (WRWM-FM) in Indianapolis.

Masa Patterson, Vice President, Sales and Operations, for Benztown said: "Sir Mix A Lot is a true hip-hop pioneer and a natural talent. Partnering with him and Envius to bring this show to the masses was a no-brainer."

Sir Mix-A-Lot said: “Being an artist myself, I can talk about old school from a unique perspective - Remembering tours, studio sessions, Hip Hop culture at that time, etc.  People listen to these songs to remember where they were, what they wore, what and who they did and what they drove at the time. Being reminded of Jeri Curls, Leg Warmers, hairdos, DeLoreans, Miami Vice, Gold Chains, LA Raiders, etc. is something that will keep a listener engaged and constantly interacting via social media. Going back to Hip Hop’s inception while simultaneously talking about the game currently is a delicate art for some but, it’s every day for me. I’m excited to make some noise and do something more than exaggerated accents and fake gangsta stories. Let’s talk from rotary dial to smart phones, baby!!!”

Inextricably linked with his pop culture touchstone, “Baby Got Back”, Sir Mix-A-Lot parlayed a gonzo tribute to women with large backsides into hip-hop immortality. But even before he struck crossover gold, Sir Mix-A-Lot was one of rap’s great D.I.Y. success stories. Coming from a city — Seattle — with barely any hip-hop scene to speak of, Mix-A-Lot co-founded his own record label, promoted his music himself, produced all his own tracks, and essentially pulled himself up by the proverbial American bootstraps. Even before “Baby Got Back,” Mix-A-Lot was a platinum-selling album artist with a strong following in the hip-hop community, known for bouncy, danceable, bass-heavy tracks indebted to old-school electro.)

For more information and to hear a demo of “Explicitly Old School with Sir Mix-a-Lot”, please visit: or contact Masa Patterson at Benztown at or (818) 842-4600.