Benztown Scores “The Killing of Marilyn Monroe” Podcast |

Benztown Scores “The Killing of Marilyn Monroe” Podcast

New Original Podcast Series “The Killing of Marilyn Monroe”, Scored by Benztown, Featured In Apple Podcasts’ New and Noteworthy' Section

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 12, 2019 — Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming and jingles, announces that The Killing of Marilyn Monroe, a new original 12-part podcast series produced by Broad + Water Studios in partnership with Endeavor Content and scored by the audio imaging experts at Benztown, has made the “New and Noteworthy” section on Apple Podcasts. The podcast series, which premiered on August 19th and is available via Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast apps, investigates the secret life silver screen legend Marilyn Monroe hid from the world, juggling affairs with Rat Pack crooners, President’s men and mob bosses, and chronicles every encounter found in her infamous “Red Diary”.

Marilyn Monroe Podcast

“Marilyn Monroe’s name, beauty and legend are still as iconic today as the night she died 57 years ago,” said Broad + Water Studios Senior Vice President and Executive Producer Dylan Howard. “The Killing of Marilyn Monroe brings listeners closer than ever to one of America’s most lasting icons over 12 riveting, often shocking, episodes, that will pick apart the tangle of sex, power, corruption and lies that left the two most powerful men in America with seemingly no option but to silence the star forever.”

Dave “Chachi” Denes, President, Benztown, said: "We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work on such a special and riveting production. Our composers, Mike Ramos and Teddy Shrader, were tasked with creating a modern score for a story about a classic icon, and making the podcast appealing to all generations. They achieved magnificent results and the score they created perfectly sets the tone for this captivating podcast series.” 

The Killing of Marilyn Monroe is hosted by Us Weekly Correspondent Jackie Miranne, a team of investigative journalists have combed through decades of reporting, meticulously reviewed evidence including eyewitness testimony, conducted new expert interviews, and uncovered official coroners’ reports, police documents and newly-released FBI files. As a result of their dogged investigative journalism, listeners will get the real insights as to just what happened on the night of August 4, 1962, and discover why her death could not possibly have been suicide, who exactly knew what about it – and why her killer was never brought to justice.

The series is Executive Produced by Dylan Howard. Executive producers also include Tom Freestone, James Robertson and Andy Tillett. The series is produced by Caroline Budge, written by Dominic Utton, and scored by Teddy Shrader, Commercial Production Creative Director for Benztown and Mike “Motion” Ramos, Audio Producer for Benztown and The Daily Dees Show.