Benztown Wakes Up with The Ace & TJ Show |

Benztown Wakes Up with The Ace & TJ Show

The Ace & TJ Show

Burbank, CA – Beginning December 1st, Benztown Radio Networks will become Ace & TJ’s new syndication partner. The award-winning Ace & TJ Show has been a morning fixture in Charlotte, NC for the past 13 years, and is currently airing on 10 other affiliates nationwide, in markets like Birmingham, Greenville-New Bern, and others.

“With several years of spectacular ratings with Women 18-49, Ace & TJ complement our roster of programming & products nicely. Ace & TJ have assembled an incredible team, including cast members Yankee Pete, Guenn, and Breezekat, along with Adam Goodman, VP of Syndication at 7 to 8 Media. All of us at Benztown are incredibly excited to partner with them in expanding the show across the country”, states Dave “Chachi” Denes, President of Benztown. The Ace & TJ Show marks the 5th program offered in Benztown Radio Networks’ catalog.

The morning crew is overjoyed about their new national representation. “All of the years we’ve done this as a mom-and-pop operation, it’s nice to have a professional organization supporting our product and bringing it to the masses…we hope,” says Ace.

TJ agrees. “Yeah. And Ace is the Mom.”

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