The Todd -N- Tyler Radio Empire Strips Down! |

The Todd -N- Tyler Radio Empire Strips Down!

Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover services, production libraries, programming and jingles, announces that it has launched “TNT Stripped Bare”, a customized new version of the nationally syndicated show, “The Todd -N- Tyler Radio Empire”. “TNT Stripped Bare” is premium PPM and diary-friendly content, presented in a music and talk hybrid format, with handpicked topical breaks and daypart flexibility.

“TNT Stripped Bare” also includes the elements most enjoyed by “The Todd -N-Tyler Radio Empire” fans, including celebrity guests like Will Ferrell, Lewis Black, Slash, Gene Simmons, Larry the Cable Guy, Kevin Bacon, and AC/DC front man Brian Johnson. “TNT Stripped Bare” delivers the intensely loyal following of “The Todd -N- Tyler Radio Empire” with its ratings success, all in a format that provide greater choice, customization and versatility for radio stations in all market sizes. To listen to a demo of “TNT Stripped Bare”, visit:

Masa Patterson, Vice President, Sales & Operations, Benztown, said: "This new version of the show is the perfect way for stations to tap into the massive ratings TNT delivers, while keeping the flexibility to play their own music, too."

Todd Brandt, Co-Host, “TNT Stripped Bare” and “The Todd-N-Tyler Radio Empire”, said: With the ever changing demands of media and how it is delivered and consumed, we are really excited to be able to offer more ways to receive our show.”