Your guide to the new! |

Your guide to the new!

We are so proud to introduce the brand new front end for! We'd like to first thank YOU - the users & fans - for all of your feedback over the years. We've taken so much of it to heart and we think we've built you a truly SWEEEEEEET user experience. So dive into the new features by watching any of the handy tutorial videos below! We've made several upgrades to your Benztown Branding experience, like:

  • Lightning fast processing speeds
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Add elements to your Favorites
  • Filter results by duration, including a do-it-handy slider tool
  • Elements organized on new "sound cards," with waveform previews
  • New advanced search with added filter criteria
  • Download quality of .wav or .mp3

Click here to check out the new!

If you have any questions, you can always give us a shout! Contact Masa Patterson at or at (818) 842-4600. 

The YouTube playlist below has 7 separate tutorials to walk you through the most-awesomest new features. Click here to see more!

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