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PO Wyka

"Rhythmic by Benztown is the ideal imaging library for Skyrock because it fits our format to perfection “Urban Music non stop.“ We play Urban tracks in their original, unedited version which makes us the number 1 Urban station in France. The sonic elements and daily updates in Rhythmic are cool and easy to use. The player is awesome for previewing tracks which are then easily downloadable. We especially like the sound effects and workparts because they are innovative and modern and enable our productions to really stand out. The sounds are current and correspond to what is hot today in Urban music. We always find what we need to constantly update our imaging. For example, when Skyrock sponsored the last Kanye West, Beyonce, Eminem and Rihanna concerts in France, we found a ton of imaging tracks that helped us create promos that matched Skyrock’s unique image-unedited and exclusive. Bravo Benztown and thank you to the whole team for your great attitude and collaboration."
Head of Production
Skyrock Paris, France