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The House of Hair

Started in 1997 with 40 stations, The House of Hair is entering its 21st year on the radio. The show has grown to be one of the biggest syndicated weekend rock shows in radio. Focusing on 80s and early 90s “Hair Bands,” with a dash of older influential rock bands mixed in, the program is now a hits-oriented showcase of huge songs from bands like Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe, Poison and Van Halen.

Our fearless host from the very beginning has been Dee Snider, best known as the lead singer of the acclaimed rock band, Twisted Sister, but also a television host, author, screenplay writer, television and Broadway stage actor and entrepreneur. He is media-savvy and has kept himself current and in the spotlight for the last two decades.

Features include:

  • Request of the Week - a request from a listener who has emailed us

  • Rare Hair - song featuring a lesser-known or hard-to-find rock track

  • Hair Pair - double-shot of hardcore hair rock songs

  • Third Dee-Gree - a triple-shot of songs that are related in some way

  • Greasy Roots of Metal - honoring a song from a band that was at the forefront of the hair band revolution

Show Info: 

The show is available in a 3-hour or 2-hour format. While most radio stations carry the 3-hour fomat, we offer the 2-hour format for more flexibility. The show consists of 48 minutes of content per hour, with 12 minutes available for ad sales.

The Daily House of Hair Cut is a Monday-Friday short-form program, with five daily features per week. This show is essentially a “Today in Rock History” segment, focusing on rock star birthdays and seminal events in rock music history. There are 1-3 interview segments that are incorporated into the feature each week. The content includes a scripted intro from Dee (with or without interview segment), the referenced song, and then a very quick outro from Dee after the song. The scripted content is typically 1.5 - 2 minutes. The show varies in length according to the length of the inserted song. 

Contact Us: 

For stations outside the US, contact Nadine Ellman.