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Slow Jams with R Dub!


Current Rhythmic Version:  HEAVY currents and re-currents.  LOTS of: Weeknd, Usher, Chris Brown, Drake, and Bruno Mars. Tons of listener interaction and the ability to fully customize locally.

"Throwback" Edition:  While this version has no currents, it is SUPER TIGHT and SUPER FAMILIAR.  Think nothing but GIANT smashes like: Usher "Nice N Slow," Silk "Freak Me," Boyz II Men "I'll Make Love To You," and K-Ci & JoJo "All My Life."  A female listener 16-49 will know and be able to sing along with EVERY song!!!

Top 40 Mainstream Version:  Think Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, 1D, Sam Smith, Weeknd, and Justin Timberlake!  Today's biggest love songs.  Current and recurrent heavy, while we sprinkle in the best Slow Jams from back in the day--from artists like Brian McKnight, Usher and K-Ci and JoJo!  Super mass appeal and NOT an "Urban" show.  Even the v.o. IDs and jingles are "pop" flavored.  This changes EVERYTHING you thought about "Slow Jams."

Content-Only Version: JUST the content!!!  YOU program the music!!! 16 breaks, including a HEAVY dose of phone calls, online and social media interaction with YOU audience!  R Dub can even help build and maintain your library.

About Sunday Night Slow Jams: Slow Jams’ host and creator, R Dub, has truly mastered the art of specialty programming. R Dub uses his 20 years of Slow Jams experience to deliver top-quality programs week after week, book after book. Over the decades, R Dub has kept his finger on the pulse of the audience. By doing so, he has zeroed in on exactly what Slow Jams listeners want – timeless music…love songs they grew up with…the song that was playing when they had their first kiss…passion…

Bottom line: Slow Jams is a show that listeners “set an appointment” to listen to. Something they wait all week to hear.

One thing’s for sure: if you target females, of any age, Slow Jams is a secret weapon.

"When the needle moved with less than a week into your show I knew we were onto something! Get 'emmmmmm!!!" - Alexa Smith; Program Assistant; KAJM-FM

Show Info: 
  • 4 hour weekly show
  • Featuring Oral Expressions – Slow Jam dedications that drive home the emotional impact of the show – in the true spirit of the “Slow Jam”
  • Hundreds of prizes given away to listeners every month, including the famous annual trip to Mexico with R Dub, the host of Slow Jams.
  • Slow Jams features the hottest R&B love songs, and specializes in playing tracks that take you back, and won’t be found anywhere else! SWV, Keith Sweat, Jodeci, The Isley Brothers, Boyz II Men, Al B. Sure, Janet Jackson and more can all be heard on Slow Jams.
  • Also available: 2 hour M-Th show
Delivery & Other Details: 
  • No licensing fees (in the USA)
  • For your convenience, the show is available via MrMaster’s Content Delivery System, which automatically downloads the fully produced show and inserts it into your station’s log.
  • Like to keep it traditional? Grab the show from our FTP site.
  • You have the flexibility to air the show whenever you want…no restrictions to specific time slots
Contact Us:

Call (818) 842-4600

For Canadian inquiries, please contact Momentum Media Networks.