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Tough Love Starring Siri

NEW BARTER RATE! Tough Love is now available to all US terrestrial (AM/FM) radio stations for the rate of 1 minute per day. Please contact Masa Patterson for details. 

A life advice question is asked. Siri (From the iPhone) answers it in an unexpected, funny, sarcastic and witty response.

Show Info: 
  • Designed for stations to produce as self-contained OR have talent interact with it.
  • Each episode offers three versions: Family-Friendly, PG-13 and Edgy.
  • Works for all formats
  • Written and produced by air talent and stand-up comic Brian Moote (KIRO/Seattle

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  • Love it: 58%
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  • Dislike it: 10%
  • Hate it: 3%

That's a 58:3 Love/Hate radion and an 87:13 Like?Dislike ratio. STRONG.

Delivery & Other Details: 
  • It’s a short, customizable radio feature. 
  • Daily (Mon-Fri)
  • Delivered weekly via e-mail (click below to subscribe)