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Megamix 2018

Benztown 2018 Megamix by Jan Bruckner and Alex Kusesnov

Once again our team of producers in Stuttgart have compiled the ultimate mix of 2018 radio hits. This is a huge undertaking, and we owe a lot of credit to Jan Brückner and Alex Kusesnov. Way to go, fellas!

Radio stations, if you'd like to download and air the 2018 Megamix, please click here! ...

Stunning Jingles: FM 1 Philippines

Stunning Jingles: FM 1 Philippines

Carlo Jose from FM1 knows exactly what sound he’s after. He wanted a package, that’s hard-hitting, fast-paced, with powerful sonic IDs and cold endings that say "ONE“ in a modern style. All elements are hybrids between Jingles with sung slogans and Imaging elements produced with Station Voice and FX. In the end, Benztown's talented audio production team delivered a package that perfectly fits...

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