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Hey Guys, it’s Moe!

I’m sure you all know this:

You have to finish some Elements with Pro Tools, but the Program runs really slow and crashes all the time. That’s really annoying and also costs you a lot of time.

The only solution for that is to delete your Digidesign databases and your Pro Tools preferences.

After you deleted the files, Pro Tools should work properly. But there are two things that I really don’t like about that:

The first thing is the time: It costs you a lot of time to find the databases and preference files on your hard disk. I also have to look up online

The second, and more annoying thing, is that you lose all your individual preferences in Pro Tools 

I found a really helpful tool you can use to clean up and backup your preferences – With Just ONE (YES, REALLY ONE) click!

I can’t say how thankful I’m to this (seems to be) French guy 🙂

Here’s the link:



Greetz, Moe

I can’t guarantee that the tool is running properly on every system, but on my side I have absolutely no problems in using it 🙂

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