1000 Comments and READY for MORE!


We love Feedback – NOW there is a 1000 comments online and we’re hungry for more. Here is a list of the top feedbackers making this blog such a valuable linchpin for the imaging community.

– First on the list is Serbian imaging talent Pedja, who’s supporting us from the first year on.

– Our next feedback supporter is France based imager Matthieu Blaise. Check out our trip to Paris and our meeting with Matthieu.

– Reigning Iron Imager Paul Duffy as also active in the comments section, sharing his opinion and knowledge with us.

– Mike Santos, imaging assassin, has shared his knowledge on this blog various times. He’s also a great commenter and always ready to help and share his thoughts and wisdom.

– Raul Segura is one of our readers since the very beginning and always supported us. He’s also running an imaging blog himself, so check it out!

– Next one is young Gavan Bruderer, aspiring imaging talent and long time commenter on this blog

Every comment, feedback, mail or idea gets this blog a bit better every day.

Thanks guys, you rock!

Andy & Andre

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