A free fun tool for DJs and Remixers… AIR Kill…

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

It’s now my 33rd week here at the Benztown studios, where I learn everything about radio, production and imaging.

With all the great EQs available, it’s hard to chose the right one, but sometimes you don’t need a subtle EQ. You just want to get rid of sections, you don’t want. That’s where you need the AIR Kill EQ, a Plugin that comes free with Pro Tools 8 & 9.

Like the name says, the AIR Kill EQ kills whole sections. That’s perfect it you want to get rid single parts of songs or loops if you want them to stand alone. The three buttons on the left kill certain frequencies, which you can determine in the ‘FREQ’ window. In the ‘GAIN’ window, you can (of course) gain single frequencies.

The AIR Kill EQ works great for beatmatching songs. By killing a section of the first song and replacing it with a single section of another song, you can create great remixes.

Choose a beat, put the AIR Kill EQ into the track. By using automation on the three kill buttons, you can quickly add and remove certain frequencies and bring them in just when you need the… only with one track

The ‘Sweep’ knob is a funny tool to play with. It controls the bandwidth on all of the bands. With automation, you can create some sweeping effects with no big effort.

The AIR Kill EQ is perfect for quick jobs without adjusting a lot of parameters and a really underestimated Plugin.

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