A short Résumé or Tips from Youngster to Youngster –…

Hi guys, it’s Andre. It’s now my 37th week here at Benztown. Since 37 weeks, I’m learning from the pros at Benztown and our guest authors from all over the world, which are sharing their wisdom and experience with us all through this blog.

Since 37 weeks, I’m doing my bit by sharing my experience and personal tricks with you all. In all the time, I’ve learned a bunch of thing which I consider as the most valuable tips and tricks. So, here’s a small collection, which I want to call it “The Guideline for Radio Imaging Rookies”

1. Get organized

 Creativity is nothing, when you’re drowning in chaos. Always keep an overview over all the small and big projects you have at the moment. Organize your files, name it meaningful and create different categories for different files.

Takes notes. Whenever you’re having a great idea, write it down, so you won’t miss any important date, topic or thought.

2. Use Templates

You’re only using a few different VOs? You’re creating a lot of similar elements for your station? Then you better use templates. Once you’ve found the right settings for your VOs, save them and create a template based on your settings. No more wasting time by creating new sessions from scratch. Open your template and you’ve already got your music tracks, your VO tracks, your VO Aux track with the matching chain, your FX tracks, your sample tracks and Aux tracks with your favorite Plugins. You’re ready to go in a minute without messing around with creating tracks and setting up Plugins.

3. Know your shortcuts

I LOVE shortcuts. They really make your work flow fast as hell. It might be annoying to learn so much shortcuts by heart, but you will recognize the difference. You will become so incredibly fast, that´you’ve got more time for being creative. I’m really digging the Keyboard Command Focus Mode. You just need to press one key instead of a whole combination.

4. Listen!

I think, that’s one of the most important tips in radio imaging. Just listen. Listen to music, listen to your station, listen to other stations, listen to demos or imaging pieces from all over over the world (like on this blog ;)). Hear how the others are creating their imaging and if you hear something you like, try to find out how it has been created.

5. Learn

This is not only for radio imaging, it’s universal. Try to learn as much as possible, no matter what topic. Everything that brings you further in your job or life is worth learning it. No matter it’s producing, programming or fixing a broken speaker, or… If you get the chance to learn from a pro in his topic, you better seize that chance. You might need that wisdom one day.

6. Be proactive

You’ll never get any further in life, if you’re  just sticking to the stuff you’ve got.  It’s not your boss’ work to make sure, you’re getting better, it’s yours. Create own ideas and present them to the your boss or colleagues. This make yourself stronger and you’ll soon get more responsibility a chances to improve yourself.

You could expand this list to eternity. This are just some main tips, without going to much into details.

You live and learn. That’s why this blog exists. We’re here to learn, no matter if you’re a pro or a beginner.

Cheers and have a nice weekend.

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