A.Smooth and his insane journey to health, a better life…


I am sure a lot of you have seen Smooth’s posts on socials and been a part of his incredible journey in the last 2 years as well as I have. My goal is to shed more light on this journey and showcase you can achieve more than you ever think. We often share tips and tricks here and it is all very centered on the craft we do, but this story is so comprehensive, so powerful, that I felt I need to put aside for a sec that Smooth is one of the best imaging guys in the world and talk with him about the journey to be healthy and live a better life.


Bro, I am so proud of you! Enter Smooth!


Give us some background on your health situation 3 years ago and the path you have taken since then.

Well, the journey actually started about 27 years ago. At age 3, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. (the non-curable condition) Having poor control as a kid led to an early onset of what would start to become, diabetic complications. 3 years ago, when I moved to LA. I started working late hours and what would be 18-20 hour days, trying to prove to the world that I was worthy of my job at Power 106 since I was unknown in the imaging world.


When did you decide to change that or turn your life around?

I gained about 50 pounds in 6 months on the job and developed a terrible carbohydrate addiction. My eye doctor told me my eyes were starting to deteriorate and I would need shots in my eyes for diabetic retinopathy.



Why did you decide to do it?

I was too young for all of this and I wasn’t feeling well. I also knew that you couldn’t put your best work out there if you weren’t feeling your best. It was time for a change.


Who helped you on your way and who have been your influences and mentors?

After my doctors told me what was going on, it was still in my hands to find a solution. The weight kept creeping up and I knew a change was needed. I’m a pretty self-motivated person so I ended up going to the gym. One day at the gym, I was tired of listening to music. I stumbled upon a podcast about health fitness and found the low-carb community. This has since helped me lose 77 pounds, control my blood sugars and reverse my diabetic retinopathy.



How do you feel today?

It goes without saying, I feel better than ever!


What’s different in your daily life, body and soul?

Seriously, everything. I feel, look, move and think better. It’s amazing what good health can do!

How do you want to make sure it will stay that way?

Everyday, I make sure I start my day to take time out for myself. I exercise, either a daily walk or my 2x per week-15 minute workout. As some people know, I have been eating a carnivore diet, which now only consists of beef, water and salt. There’s also no end game in sight. I have to eat this way to control my blood sugars or I will get those complications back.


Thank you for sharing that story, it is and will be inspiration for so many!

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