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Hi guys, it’s me Andre,

It’s now my 23rd week here in the Benztown Studios and I’m stull learning echa and every day here.

CHR Imaging is all about energy and speed. With the most songs  played in CHR, it’s no big problem to create energetic imaging. Most of them range between 120bpm and 130 bpm and today’s Pop Music is very electronic and rhythmic.

But then there are the other songs in CHR: Slow Urban songs, Pop ballads, acoustic Singer/Songwriter stuff. Most of them are way under 100bpm and here starts the problem… How do I image these songs without destroying that fast, energetic mood of my station?

By using energetic FX, you can add your element more energy, but don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll hear just a big FX mash up und nothing of your music.

A cool way to handle the speed problem is beatmatching. Instead of beatmatching your song with other elements with similar speed, try to beatmatch your song with a drumloop which is double as fast as you song. If your song is 60bpm, take a drumloop with 120bpm. Of course this won’t work with every drumloop and every song, but with the right combination, it adds that CHR typical energy to your slow songs.

Here are some examples for using FX and double beat beatmatching to spice up a song.

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″]

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