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Blogging is sexy and almost 3 years after starting this blog it’s still a great thing. The most popular platform for blogging remains WordPress. WordPress advanced from a simple blogging software into a fine tool to create various blogs and websites without big programming skills (although they could be useful ;)).

Free and non-free themes and plugins make blogging easy and cool. You don’t need big programming skills. Plugins are extensions to your blog or website and can add special functions and extras to your site without any programming.

Here’s a little list of some of our favorite plugins for WordPress:


Still one of the best and most effective spam filters for WordPress. This one is a must-have or soon you’ll be overwhelmed by spam.

Audio Player:

A simple, but effective mp3 player, which can be embedded in your blog and customized to match your color scheme. You can also show ID3 tags to show some audio info like artist, title, etc…

Page Links To:

A smart tool which allows you to point WordPress pages to a URL of your choosing. A nice tool to set up links between WordPress and non-Wordpress pages. So you can easily integrate a WordPress blog to your website or a website to your WordPress blog.

Twitter Tools:

Networking is essential and this plugin makes it totally easy. Link your blog to your Twitter account and show your tweets in your blog and publish your posts as tweets.


WordPress is as easy to hack as it’s to install,so make sure your blog is safe. VaultPress scans your site and saves backups of it.

Database Backup:

Nothing’s worse than crashing your whole blog.Even worse when you have no database backup. To prevent this horror, use this plugin to make a safe and simple backup of your database. Safe your blog.

Tiny MCE Advanced:

Adds 16 plugins to your WYSIWYG editor. Add CSS data like font, size, table, visual characters, XHTML extras and more. Perfect to little coding tasks without using an external editor or using a FTP client.

There are tons of plugins out there and countless of dedicated programmers out there. It would be impossible to count all these great tools and plugins by our own.

Now it’s your time, WordPress bloggers! What plugins are you digging at the moment which ones are your favorites?

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