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Hey guys, hope you had a great week.

After the first weeks at the Benztown studios, I start to realize that radio imaging is such a great deal of work, which most people don’t really appreciate. I’m getting a totally different view of radio program, now that I know what massive job every imaging director, producer, writer and voiceover artist is doing.

It’s cool to get into the world of Radio Imaging and to learn all the tricks from the Benztown Team and now I’m gonna share this with you. Enjoy the second part of my prodution diary.

Chapter 3: Templates

As you have seen in Andy’s Video Tutorial, we like using templates. Templates are a great way to save time, so we have a folder with templates for every element, we offer at Benztown Branding. I recommend to you, create some templates. They make work so much easier. Just use the template and then save it as new session.

In our templates, we have all our presets and favourite plugINs already in the tracks, which is is great for working with voices (especially if you’re using a small amount of different voices). Just take the time to make a template for sessions and stations you often work with. Experiment until you’ve found the plugINs and presets which fits the best and then save it.

Colours (in my opinion) are a great way to get order into your template. Just think about it: “what do I need for which element and which plugINs could be useful” and then build it.

You’ll soon save the time you’ve spent on building your templates, believe me 😉

Just check the screenshot in the next chapter below to see what I mean.

Chapter 4: Preparing Brandings

Brandings are an importnat part of our service and to offer this massive amount of Brandings every week, we have to create them fast. That’s where my job starts. I have to prepare these Brandings, so they can be done quickly without wasting time.

If you don’t have a volunteer, who prepares sessions for you, get one. They are really motivated and happy to help you out.

Below you can see an example of a prepared Branding as screenshot.

In this screenshot, you can see all the important things which you need for a good Branding. The song, which is matching the Grid (one of the best friends of an Imaging Legend), ID (orIDs), Samples and of course the VO (cutted, normalized and named).

This is only a suggestion for a prepared Branding. If you have great samples, listeners or FX you use in a routine, just put them in your template. There are no tight rules, how you have to prepare your work or templates.

It’s all about having fun and being creative.



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