AND here is Benztown’s Iron Imager : The Irish Pitbull…

It was so close, I personally loved both pieces and the fact they were done in an hour is almost unbelievable. To me, both finalists were winners, but this time my opinion did not count at all. It was all up to the jury consisting of some of North America’s most influential decision makers in radio. The 1st Benztown Iron Imaging Contest winner is:

1. Winner

Paul Duffy

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

2. Brian Haddad

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Get more info about the audio pieces and check all the pics and videos from the actual show.


Voice Talent: Rachel McGrath and Harry Legg (Benztown’s CHR Voice Talents). All Imaging Ingredients / workparts are part of Benztown’s CHR Libraries (Benztownbranding CHR and the brandnew Clique)

Next year’s Benztown Iron Imager is on for sure… The massive success, the submissions and your feedback have been amazing. We are thrilled by all the entries and online feedback.  The show has been terrific and the battle between Ireland and Philly will never be forgotten.

Thanks to the world-class Jury Mike McVay, Jhani Kaye and Arnie Celsie (jumped in for Jan Jeffries), my boy Chris Johansing (Benztown’s Iron Imager Organization Guru and Marketing Director) and Cumulus Media Networks. Especially to Dennis Green, Mike McVay and Omar Thompson… Thanks for all your support, love and help with this.


A massive THANKS to you –  Imaging guys all over the world, for submitting, reading and participating in Benztown’s inaugural Iron Imager Contest!!!

YOU REALLY ROCK… YOU will be the NEXT Iron Imager!

In the meantime, feel free to send any feedback & questions to

Let’s go for a great contest in 2013!

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