And The Winner Is:

He guys,

thx for all the material we got. You contributed really great stuff and a lot of talent was noticed. I am so happy this first contest worked out so well. To chose is always hard, so the entire benztown team voted on the stuff was sent. First: Have a great Xmas and a happy new year, travel safe and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″] Paul Armstrong – BT40 OPENER FINAL by Benztown Branding Blog

Here is the result:

The Blogpost on the benztown blog. And the Winner is : Andre. He sent some great drum loops, been posted to our libraries this week. He is looking for a job, young and talented – hopefully we can help. Post will be online next week.

Free Benztown LogIN including 25 free downloads. And the winner is : Pete from Serbia (I will post all his audio and screenshots next week. Powerful stuff! Be ready!

A custom Traffic Bed for your station. And the Winner is: Jacob Rickard (Choice FM / London). You will love Jakob’s BEP Intro I am gonna post early January.

A skype  Q/A with Imaging Legend Harry Legg (former Creative Services Director WKTU / famous VO Talent and Benztown Imaging Director for Rock). Let Harry listen to your stuff, get his tipps and tricks and learn how he build his sessions from scratch.  And the Winner is: 15 year old Australian Imaging “Wunderkind” Nick Kelly. Watch out for his screenshots and audio, coming in January.

An exclusive Interview on the Ryan on the Radio Producers Podcast – the most listened radio podcast considering Imaging and Production in North America and the rest of the world. Ryan interviewed guests like Eric Chase, Jeff Thomas, Marice Tobias, David Konsky and many many more. And the Winner is: Paul Amstrong. Listen to his powerful Opener for the UK To40 Countdown.

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