Andy’s Fiver Friday #107 – Inc5000, Top Studios and Tom…

So this is the final week of our US travel. The Inc5000 in Palm Desert has been just fantastic. So honored to be on that list for the 5th time in a row and of course this is all you – thanks for your support over the last years! Here is another Fiver Friday!

1. Plugin

Such a huge compressor: Heavyocity Punish! Go and create heavy sounds, yeah!


2. Inspiration

This great list of The Top Recording Studios in 2017 is worth having a look at! Proud that we already had the chance to record at the Larrabee Studios!

Revealed: The Top Recording Studios of 2017


3. Music

That’s a no brainer: Best of Tom Petty!


4. Web/Social/Whatever

That’s how it sounds when 90,000 people sing a Tom Petty song!

Packed Florida Gators’ Stadium Sings Tom Petty Song In Tribute To Late Singer


5. Imaging

It’s just sad when great artists are passing. The world will miss Tom Petty!

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