Andy’s Fiver Friday #117 – Final Episode 2017, #cans4cans HUGE…

The final Fiver Friday of 2017 is here! 

All i have left to say is that i wish you all a wonderful time with your families, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy the time off and come back well rested in 2018.

See you soon,


1. Plugin

Native Instrument got this great christmas gift where you can get the PHASIS PlugIn for free. 

With its many controls it allows you to get a huge amount of sounds, from colouring your tone over classic 80s vibes to extrem phase modulation. We got Stereo Width, Mix, Rate, Feedback, Center Frequency, Spread, the Amount, a Mod Mix and the Number of Notches. And on top you are also able to run the whole toy in ULTRA-Mode.#

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2. Inspiration

If you’re in need of some inspiration for last-minute christmas gifts – this list has some great tech-deals! 

Image: Salbree



3. Music

If our Megamix isn’t enough, here’s the top of 2017!


4. Web/Social/Whatever

Today is the last day of the #cans4cans Social campaign. It has been a HUGE success thanks to so many great people participating. 

To all of you i say:



5. Imaging

Our Megamix 2017 by Jan&Alex. Definitely a highlight at the end of the year and worth listening. Get’s stuck in your head big time 😀

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