Andy’s Fiver Friday #125 – The Return of a Legend,…









What a week. I am sick at home fighting the flu, but no excuses – Fiver Friday here we go. 

1. PlugIn

Composer Chris turning his IPad into a third monitor with the DUET DISPLAY APP for his PlugIns! Pretty cool App you should definitely try out, because “Space (and Touch) Is A Beautiful Thing”.. 🙂 Extending the screen for the meters! This Software delivers good Bang for the $…



2. Inspiration

Well, well, well. Look what we have here! Max put together a small FAME FX Vol.3 FREE SAMPLE PACKAGE especially for you guys!!! 15 FX from the categories: Breakers, Combo, Downshifters, Drones, Hits, Noise, Risers, Starters, Switchers & Wooshes 🙂

3. Music

You like music from the 90s? R&B trio Bell Biv DeVoe – aka BBD aka the three dudes from New Edition – are back on tour tomorrow, first off in LA!!! Bass line is killer…

4. Web/Social/Whatever

The Neumann U 67 – RETURN OF THE LEGEND 
This ICONIC mic – born in 1960 and taking the market by storm – is back in production after more than 50 years!! A small piece of history back in the studios. It seems like its smooth sound and versatility has been missed… OLD, BUT GOLD!!! 

5. Imaging

Check this AWESOME AC COMPOSITE by Adam “Hoody” Hood. VO: Chris Thomas & Heather Walters

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