Andy’s Fiver Friday #131 – Black Hole, Joe Gebbia and…

What a week, we launched a new Front End , we have the new CONTENDER for Iron Imager at WWRS – Sam Wickens from Capital and of course it is Friday. FIVER FRIDAY!


1. PlugIn

Awesome discount from Eventide – one of my favorite Reverbs – get it!


2. Inspiration

There is so many great people out there, but this guys is one of the most inspiring human beings out there in the world of StartUP.  A service that I love a guy who rocks – Joe Gebbia.

Check his episode on the Tim Ferris Podcast. Inspiring as hell. 

3. Music

Clarence Carter – great man, great voice! One of the most genuine and interesting blues musicians around.. 🙂


See where original content can get you! Crazy!

5. Imaging

A colleague of our Iron Imager Contender Sam – Check Dan’s latest composite!!!

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