Andy’s Fiver Friday #133 – Izotope deals,Iron Imager recap and…

Sorry, sorry, sorry – due to the Iron Imager Insanity last week I skipped one edition of your beloved Fiver Friday :)..Why? I feel Sam, our new Iron Imager deserved all the attention in the world as well as Brad. Both guys pulled a fantastic promo in one hour and I am incredibly proud of them. So, this week I am digging into some nice new stuff for you this Monday and back to normal on Friday 🙂 in Episode 134!!!!!

1. PlugIn

I found some awesome offers on the Izotope page last week and as a fan of Izotope products I highly recommend to check out the offers on their websites. Vocal Synth 2 and Creative Suite is coming later this month!

iZotope Deals

2. Inspiration

One of my best friends in the biz and a constant inspiration for trying new things, creating outstanding work and an incredible talented director – Harris, we love you bro!









3. Music

90s HipHop is my thing – dont laugh, this is the real SH**T

4. Web/Social/Whatever

This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in 2018. It is not new and if you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend it!!

5. Imaging

Some new stuff out of Oli’s kitchen here in Stuttgart. FM 1 – forever YOUNG – this package has been the first jingle production together with Jan , of whom I am really proud stepping up constantly. 

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