Andy’s Fiver Friday #162 – 24 Days of Xmas, Sugarbytes…

I am home sick and this gave me some extra time to think about you, the Fiver Friday and if there is something nice I can create till Christmas. So, the 24 days of XMAS are coming, starting on the 1st, meaning by tomorrow! A new POST every single day till XMAS. Interviews, Tips, Ideas, Reviews, Videos – you name it, Ill do it! Check out the first episode tomorrow with a legendary Imaging guy, who has never been on before…AND NOW : Lets jump right into this weeks Fiver Friday!!! ENJOY!

1. Plugin

Recently Sugarbytes‘ Effectrix has found its way into our sessions again, a professional multi effects sequenzer offering great results while being easy to use! DJ STYLE…Check it out!


Another great motivational speech from well known Gary Vaynerchuk. This guy breathes Motivation!


We recently got our hands on some smooth old school hip hop accapella samples, triggering the feeling of back in the days! Therefore let’s get back to some of the best old school hip hop this week! LOVE IT!



For all of us history heads out there, Peter Jackson put together a stunning documentary utilizing restoration and colorization of real film footage captured at the time. This will be special!


Dom is a great guy and I love listening to his podcast and also to his prod work. Check below!


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