Andy’s Fiver Friday #173 – True Iron, Biebs BDAY and…

So this week went quick, a lot of imaging, debating, voting on all the awesome Iron imager submissions, new findings and everything else – enter Andy’s Fiver FRIDAY!


Kazrog – True Iron – a new saturation plugin created by Kazrog and Powers Music – looks pretty slick and definitely worth a try, go download the demo for free!


Great article Chachi sent to me yesterday!


My favorite Song this week. Who does not love Jack Johnson!


Iron Imager is coming and we will present the contender!!! NEXT WEEK! Stay tuned!!!!


Konrad created an awesome Justin Bieber Birthday MASHUP! KONRAD, way to go!,audio-justin-bieber-mashup100~_story-justin-bieber-fuenfundzwanzig-tops-und-flops-100.html

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