Andy’s Fiver Friday #181 – Valhalla, Jim Collins and 2…

This weeks Fiver Friday straight from Berlin. Love it!!


From our friends of Valhalla comes a new delay. Check it out.

Valhalla Delay

2. Inspiration

Learn more about the pope of research for what makes great companies. 

Jim Collins


A classic 🙂

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Thanks for being recognized as the Imaging/Production company of the year for the 3rd time! 

Congrats to our Team in the US and Germany for winning best imaging company for the 3rd time #wwrs – honored and proud to be part of this great gang of people!

Gepostet von Soundquadrat am Mittwoch, 24. April 2019


5. Imaging

Chris – has done it again. Fantastic work!!!

Also our mate Dan hammered out some outstanding work!

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