Andy’s Fiver Friday #213 – Free Flanger Plugin, The Sound…

2 more weeks to go here in the office until all of us get our well deserved time off around christmas! Let’s quickly get into this weeks findings for another edition of Fiver Friday!


Check out this free chorus/flanger plugin by Imaginando: DLYM 


Birthplace of Dreams featuring one of the best defenders in the world, Virgil van Dijk!


Check out your year in music with Spotify Wrapped! Overall listening time, most listened artists, genres and more 🙂

Spotify Wrapped


Cool video on sound design, drones or “the sound of dread” used in movies, games and anywhere really… 


Our one and only Scott Phillips (Ambush/Horsepower) for RADIO 1 in the UAE –Harry Legg on the Mic!

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