Andy’s Fiver Friday #240 – Webinar with Steve Reynolds and…



Another week is over and we have some amazing topics for you. I hope you guys like it!





Have you seen the Soundtoys 5 already? It includes all 21 plug-ins they sell and makes it into a powerful collection that everyone needs.
Check it out now!






Next one in the making. This will be fantastic.
Steve will be over delivering.  Learn from the best morning show coach out there! Join us next Thursday, June 25th, for the next webinar in our Global Radio Ideas webinar series: Why Great Talent is Needed Now More Than Ever!


My fav french Hip Hop song of all time!!



Ken Benson from P1 Media (linken) shared this article with me. Quiet interesting, when so many companies want something non melodic and non key related these days. Food for thought.


Some very different work from Denzil Lacey for SiriusXM Calm Channel!



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