Andy’s Fiver Friday #245 – New Blog LAYOUT, NEW…

The last week before my summer break is finally here. But no worries for the time being there is great coverage! Matt and Kev will do an awesome job, I am sure. So, here are this week’s goods;)

1. PlugIN

Something that doesn’t change your sound, but changes your work! Make a detailed comparison of your mix with reference tracks directly on your mix bus. Check out Plugin Alliance ADPR Audio Metric!


2. Inspiration
Took a long time and heavy lifting, but there it is the brand new It took great effort, but the result is fantastic! Thanks for all the constructive and raving feedback on Facebook and via email the last days.


3. Music

As my son got great grades today I promised him he could pick his favorite song for this…as I am a good dad, here is his playlist 🙂


4. Web/Social/Whatever

What a great podcast? What is Dolly Parton’s America is the overall question that leads the listener through all the episodes? Not a Podcast for Country Fans only, promise!


5. Imaging

Two things…

Chris Davis on Turbulence

and Jan with some awesome R’n’B Imaging for SpeajerToyz AC

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