ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #284 – Talking Wavetable Synth for FREE,…

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It’s Friday again – great Clubhouse talk yesterday.


Some take aways were :

The Mandalorian is awesome, especially soundtrack and sound design. Here is a great video Steve Stone shared with me:

PlugIN recommendations :

Speakerphone or Speakers by Audiothing


Random tech stuff:

Loopdesk vs. Streamdeck, that comes highly recommended by Dan Hill and Marcell.



Now lets dive into this weeks findings.


1. Plugin

The Spectral Warping Wavetable Synth by Vital Audio has a built-in wavetable editor that lets you turn text into wavetables!! For FREE!!



2. Inspiration

A positive outlook for Summer!! Ideas – Most beautiful beaches in the world


3. Music

Good Vibes only 🙂


4. Web/Social/Whatever

Our guest  next week has done it all, seen it all. He is a legend!

Make sure to register HERE and check out his website!


5. Imaging

Scott’s work for Horsepower is outstanding and I am so happy to share this piece of audio with you!


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