ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #332 – NEW Plugin Collective, what UNHAPPY…

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1. Plugin

Soundwide is a new big collective of companies and artists, now working together with Native Instruments, iZotope, Plugin Alliance and Brainworx. Now providing sales and freebies of those companies HERE. Check it out and lets see what the future brings!



2. Inspiration

Totally off topic, but working out has been instrumental to my success. Here is how to build a home gym on a tight budget. Thanks Coop!!!



3. Music

Like the vibe – it is on replay this week.




4. Web/Social/Whatever

The next time you are unhappy with (customer) feedback, remember this…

Bill Gates Says Unhappy Customers Are Good for Your Business. Here’s Why.



5. Imaging

Great work from our friend Lucio!


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