Andy’s Fiver Friday #37 or Imaging from New Zealand to…

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Its friday again – Check out my latest top 5!

1. Plugins

I found a small free plugin this week. Atom from Sinevibes is a small filter plugin which moves a filter automated to the host’s bpm. It’s possible to choose different filters, modulation waves and speed. Click here and check it!Screen-shot-2015-10-15-at-09.37.20


2. Inspiration

Fantastic blog of word press founder Matt Mullenweg. So much great insight on all type of topics and very personal from the guy, who revolutionized the INTERNET!

mullenweg_matt tsp

3. Music

Awesome 65-track medley of great Rock ‘n Roll songs from the 60s!


4. Social/Web/Whatever

Last weekend Max went out to record some nice cars for the benztown libraries. A great possibility to get a great amount of different automobiles was a meeting organized by the guys behind Langenburg Historic and Schloss Langenburg. Throughout the whole weekend the participants are encouraged to get through different competitions with their cars. As a part of this competition, the biggest cars came together on sunday to do a so called “Motor Sound-Check”. As you might expect, the organizers wanted to know who’s got the loudest and best sounding car. 🙂  Perfect event for recording!
Check out these recording pics!

… we had a great time recording some pretty cars throughout the weekend! Thanks to Schloss Langenburg. Automuseum. Waldkletterpark Hohenlohe and Langenburg Historic for making this possible!

Gepostet von Soundquadrat am Dienstag, 26. April 2016

5. Imaging

Some of my recent works…


(in case it is interesting to you..if not…:)

check out this guy’s soundcloud page. New Zealands finest, Benztown HotAC and KIIS Sydneys Imaging Wizzard: Chris Davis – Fantastic WORK dude!

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