Andy’s Fiver Friday #57- Why Shep Gordon would use Brainworx…

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Friday again! Here are this week’s five!


I cant say often enough how much I love the brainwork V3 Master EQ. There is a version by plugin alliance and another one by UAD. The option to split of mid and side signal and just work on that signal is so genius (and I use this not only for music) all the time. For Imaging it also makes sense to fit a VO better in the mix and it can be magic to reduce only the mid signal in the VO range and give your VO some air to breath and sit there perfectly. Sure, it does not work for everything, but…check it out-



Supermensch Shep Gordon, Iconic Manager of Alice Cooper and many many more. Anthony Bourdain did a fantastic book about him and it is out in September (linken), meanwhile you can check the movie by Mike Myers. Fantastic!



I am back in the old school Hio Hop world, cant do anything about it :). This is still one of my favorite albums and I listen to in the car all the time these days.


As we are remodeling the stuttgart office right now after a water damage…this would be rad:)..

World’s Coolest Offices 2015



Jeff Schmidt has done it again… Alien Imaging goes Football! Out of this world!! AI on ESPN in NYC!



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