Andy’s Fiver Friday #58 – Why Wired is awesome and…


So, what happened this week? Our new studio in Stuttgart is almost there, which is great. Also the interview with Staxx was a fantastic post and experience. I would say:  I am really READY for the weekend!

1. Plugin

Not a plugin, but a short Pro Tools Tip this week!

We showed you some tips, how to set up window configurations and how to create shortcuts in Pro Tools. These things are great to access your plugins and settings pretty fast and easy.

So what about combining these two tools? Shortcuts for window configurations!
Just create your window configurations and add shortcuts for them in the way described above. But do not forget the number in the menu title, otherwise it won’t work! Remember: you need the exact menu title of Pro Tools.
You don’t have to set up shortcuts for each of the configurations, but assigning the ‘Blank’ configuration is a real beneficial. Works perfectly for me, as I can open my configurations with a simple command!


2. Inspiration

Kevin Kelly. If the name does not ring a bell, check out his books or Wired Magazine. Such an inspiring bright guy! I recommend Cool Tools, if you ever wanted too know where to engage a scientific super brain, rent a bulldozer or else:)…

3. Web/Social/Whatever

My favorite post this week – great video from NRJ in France

On a quand même fait des trucs énormes avec cette équipe de ouf 🙂

Posted by Gaël Sanquer on Donnerstag, 22. September 2016

4. Music

What an awesome cover! Loved the Blackstreet Song!

5. Imaging

Some stuff from my mate Denzil at 2FM.



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