Andy’s Fiver Friday #68 – Plugin Deals, Awesome People and…


Guys only a few weeks left till the big guy is coming. This means we are in full stress mode or pretend to be :)…



Plugin Alliance Advent Calendar!

Plugin Alliance offers every day a new deal! Some say on Christmas all deals will be available again for some days.





2. Inspiration

One of the best motivational videos I have seen so far! Makes me HAPPY!

People Are Awesome!

Best Videos of the Year 2016!The best videos of 2016!

Huge thanks to everyone who submitted videos this year and to OneRepublic for the perfect soundtrack Kids!

Posted by People Are Awesome on Samstag, 3. Dezember 2016



3. Music

Fresh music for your ears!



4. Web/Social/Whatever

#Cans4Cans is on again!

 This is our third annual campaign – post a photo of you wearing headphones to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #Cans4Cans. For each post we will donate a can of food to the Los Angeles Food Bank.
Last year over 900 people participated in posting their photo for the Holiday Benefit. Not only was this fun and easy, it helped hungry Angelenos during the holidays. Let’s try to top it this year!






5. Imaging

So long since I have updated my own soundcloud, here is the latest CHR Sweeper Demo with some random work from the last months.


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