Andy’s Fiver Friday #72 – Oldschool Paper meets New School…

First week back again in the new year! Let’s get to it!

1. Plugin

Last week we had a huge interview with the production team at Capital. One plugin tip they gave was Mcomb Filter by meldaproduction. We tried it and really liked it! Also check out MAutoPan link interview


2. Inspiration

You maybe know Slack. When this company hires they ask people three interesting questions. 🙂

 3 Interview Questions That Tactfully Weed out Narcissists


3. Music

Warm piece of music by Mr. J. Cole.


4. Web

The Everlast Notebook! This notebook project represents a great mixture of new and old school. I personally still write much on paper and you can see that many people do so as well. The support for this kickstarter campaign is just huge.


5. Imaging

As a part of the great interview, we had with the guys from capital, we received this piece by Chris Longman which he did as a part of Global’s Make Some Noise promotion. Nice one!



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