Andy’s Fiver Friday #74 – Marco Polo, Span and a…

Let’s go for this week’s five!


1. Plugin

Free and powerful Spectrum Analyzer: Voxengo Span! This one is great to keep an overview of your frequency spectrum and helps while troubleshooting!


2. Inspiration

Elon Musk tweeted tis about innovation, damn this is so good..

With a Single Tweet, Elon Musk Showed Why You Should Lease a Tesla



3. Music

Stole it from Masa Patterson’s Spotify 🙂


4. Social/Web/Whatever

One of the best series I have seen so far : Netflix’ Marco Polo…Every episode costed 9m$ !!! This is just crazy as Game of Thrones was 6 Million on average. Anyhow: Now I want to go to Mongolia soon.


5. Imaging

Have a listen to the latest composite for our Clique Library! Big ups to format captain Ashley Bard and VO talent Mikey Muscatello!



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