Andy’s Fiver Friday #83 – CHR Imaging, JUST DO IT…

So, ladies and gents! It is Friday, again:)…One week to go till we announce the contender for Sidey at our Iron Imager contest at WWRS. Monday is the official deadline, I cant wait to hear the pieces you created!

1. Plugin

Simple, but always worth to be mentioned: Waves One Knob Pumper! Works like a sidechain compressor, but does not need any trigger signal. Just drop it on a track and go for it!

2. Inspiration

In Stuttgart there is a guy called Lou, who has a fleet of food trucks. He’s selling Maultaschen, which is not the coolest thing in the world. But his company is an example how to do great marketing. Hip streetfood using oldschool goods. And the best: it tastes good. Check his website!

Lous Maultäschle

3. Music

Some Friday AWESOMENESS from Marc Broussard!

4. Social / Web / Whatever

I never posted a quote here, but tis week I have, too.

Just do it, create magic, try things and be happy with the outcome no matter how it might go! It is important you take action, experiment and sometimes just go for it.
See how far my man Max came in only 2,5 years. Check his latest SFX experiences creating, recording SFX.
He never had anybody showing him how to do this properly. He taught himself by watching and reading stuff on the www, talking countless hours to more experienced guys doing it and and and…

5. Imaging

Brand new work by Sean Galbraith! Check his soundcloud, there’s more high quality stuff.



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