Andy’s Fiver Friday #91 – The Mouth, DJ Premier and…

So, back from Asia for a week now and of course I miss the best Dim Sum in the world :)… and even more how kind people are!
Lets jump right into the goods !

1. Plugin

Haven’t played with it for a long time, but always adds a nice twist. The mouth!


2. Inspiration

Robert Dudzic’s approach to Sound Design is special and this video speaks about his passion to sound:

Sound Design: How I Do What I Do – Part II

A look into my life as a Sound Designer and Producer. How do I capture sound to use for television, music, movies/film and more? This is part two of showcasing how I use common objects to create desired sound effects.

Posted by Robert Dudzic on Mittwoch, 3. Mai 2017


3. Music

Not brand new, but great and something fresh from a 90s Legend:


4. Web/Social/Whatever

I hope I can do this more and more professional in the future 🙂 ..let me know, if you enjoyed it.


Back on it #grind #chr #imaging #benztown

Posted by Andreas Sannemann on Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2017


5. Imaging

Our man Mike Santos Imaging Assasin and CrossFIT Warrior!


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