Andy’s Fiver Friday #95 – Valhalla, Titanfall and Car Rain

Let’s get directly into this week’s five!

1. Plugin

Finding a good reverb sound is hard. But this one is pretty nice. Great price, solid sound. Valhalla Room!

2. Inspiration

Did you ever wanted to know how the sound effects of your favourite video games are done? The guys from Respawn entertainment did an audio spotlight on Titanfall 2 and gave an interview in which they talked about the creation process.

3. Music

Have a listen to this. Great, how they are playing around with the genres.

4. Web/Social/Whatever

These ambience guys are huge. 10:00h of car rain ambience. Here you go. VR is coming.

5. Imaging

Remember Darcy Milne, based in Sydney? Check out these podcast openers he recently uploaded!



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