Andy’s Fiver Friday #97 – Daily Stoic and How To…

This week was huge! We released Fame FX Vol.3 today and are pretty proud to do the hattrick!

1. Plugin

Still using that Ozone thing. Even helped us doing the new Fame FX Vol.3. This one is just amazing and does a great job, all in one place. Big up iZotope!

Here’s a general Mastering EQ setting we are using for certain FX mastering sessions.


2. Inspiration
Great book, works like a calendar!


3. Music

Hoody shared that with us this week – great summer sound!


4. Web/Social/Whatever

Yep, that’s a story!

Man With Ax Arrested Outside Kiss 108 Studios After Song Request



5. Imaging

We released the a massive Fame FX Vol.3 package today and are proud to present this 500+ element monster!
As a release discount we are offering 35%! Grab it by using coupon code VOL3RELEASE to get it for $199 instead of $299.

Here’s the teaser, it’s session and an ingredient overview – have fun!




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