Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 11 or How to survive…

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What a week – Imaging Days in Haarlem, recording the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and planing of my upcoming California visit. This means one thing: AWESOME.

It was a blast to hang out with so many talented people, exchange tricks, see their master (sorry for that insider) and finally put a face to some people I was chatting with online for so many years.
Before I forget, unbelievable to see these guys in action 2 days later at the Angel Studios in London (extra big thanks to Dave for having me!).

1. PlugIns
Chris from 538 reminded me of this little thing i haven’t played with for years. Distortion settings are great for layering! Phase Mistrees!


2. Inspiration
 I highly recommend reading this book from Steve Jones. Ive seen his presentation twice. Great content, great show!

3. Music
Needs to be an orchestral piece this week…

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Saw this at John’s panel. Interesting points to think about. 😉



5. Imaging

One of the best pieces of imaging I have heard in the last months…

I will have Matt on the blog soon so we can get into detail how he did it.

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