Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 13 – too late or…

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Hello from Miami,  what an insane city! What an insane week from LA and hanging out with the benztown team, the imaging super human Forrest, shooting guns, playing softball off to inc500 in Orlando to finally Miami! Baam here I am listening to evolution and Scott’s voice …I can’t escape that guy:)

As I am too late, there needs to be punishment :)…2 PlugIn recommendations.

SoundToys Soundrack! Amazing – so many new options and sick design!


And the new Ozone 7. I just saw previews, but it will be amazing. 100%


2. Inspiration

Rick Price and Tony Hsieh – also twoofer here. Both guys have been keynote speaker at the inc500 conference, really inspiring guys. I am reading Tony’s book right now, which might some of you know already.


3. Music

Hmm, difficult as I have heard so much stuff in the last weeks traveling cross country. I pick an acoustic track by Ryan Adams not an EDM track, even if I am in Miami.

and as I am too late you know the story one of the greatest rap songs of all times (i love the classic hip hop stations)..

4.Social, Web, Fun

What a great site…for all you netflix fans! Seriously, comes in really handy.

5. Imaging

My man Chris Davis with some new stuff from KIIS in Oz.

and one of my favorite VO guys Chris Thomas.



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