Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 16

Fiver Friday Header IIAgain, another week is gone and it is time for Fiver Friday:)…


I make PlugIns to DAW this week :)…I think the new ProTools 12.3. Midi to Audio feature will kill it.

2. Inspiration.

I know you might not be into politics, but no matter where you based in the world  you should check out the story of one of the last great elder states man. A man who was chancellor of Germany while left winged terroristic groups hijacked planes and people and tried to destroy democracy, the nuclear arms race took place and the city of Hamburg and its habitats needed to be protected  from the worst flood ever. A man for whom integrity and honesty not have been just buzz words! A great inspiration what you can achieve in life, even in tough times.

RIP Helmut Schmidt (died this week at the age of 96.)
951721014-helmut-schmidt-24ef© dpa
3. Music

4. Social / Fun / Whatever 

More whatever, not so much fun,  but worth thinking about. How cheap is it to buy a radio station? You will wonder!

5. Imaging

Some more stuff from my boy Jan and Speaker Toyz. Great Autotune and VO sampling techniques! Check it out!

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