Andy’s Fiver Friday Epsiode 8 – from hacking IKEA to…

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Friday again! Check my five for this week.


A small, cheap, but great helper, comes for free with ProTools and creates stunning results. The name of the plugin is AIR Filter Gate. I share my customized preset, which gives a nice panning and gate effect on muisc, just check it out!



Screenshot 2015-09-15 14.24.26



Maybe worth a try for every social media addict :)..

“I Gave Up Social Media for a Week–and You’ll Never Guess What Happened”


Mark Ronson – I Can’t Lose

4.Social / Fun / Whatever
Play around with some IKEA stuff, if you look for a studio table on a budget. I perosnally love hacking IKEA stuff, never tried it for a studio table, but I assum ethis works as well as other stuff I did.




From our benz boy from New Zealand – Chris Davis


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